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Subject: Purchasing Tempo for JIRA
Dear [Manager],
Our team recently evaluated Tempo’s time tracking plugin for JIRA during a free 30-day
trial period. Tempo’s features are designed to help boost productivity, and to help us
manage our time more efficiently. And, Tempo can be extended for a variety of
purposes, including for time tracking, project management, planning, business
intelligence, integration, and billing.
I think we should go ahead and give Tempo a go for a number of strategic reasons:
Tempo was designed to work seamlessly within JIRA. Its UI gives
us easy-to-read data on planned, allocated, and worked time so we can better
track our progress and reach our goals more efficiently.
Tempo provides flexibility for project management and resource
planning. New Tempo gadgets provide graphic overviews of planned and
allocated resources.
We can enable timesheet approvals, and set which managers are
to approve them, even in the event that they are out of office at the end of a
scheduled period.
We can plan internal time more efficiently with Tempo, such as
time for vacations, meetings, and sick days.
We get high level account navigation and information with Tempo,
including detailed reports and the ability to export to Excel and PDF.
Tempo gives us a good overview of planned versus utilized time,
which helps us schedule team time and activities. And, it’s easy to change inline
within a worksheet.
Along with its great features, Tempo comes with one full year of free maintenance,
product upgrades, and customer support.
You can find more information on Tempo here:
Thanks for your time and consideration.
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