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On Tuesday 26th of November, I was lucky enough to see one
of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, Macbeth at Neston
School. It started at 6:00 and finished at 6:40. The genre of
this play is tragedy; however there was a bit of horror.
The play starts with Macbeth (Thomas Hancock) and his
friend Banquo (Henry Phillips) who are returning home from
war, when they are set upon some evil witches (Lily Overton,
Jennifer Sykes and Tia Jacobs) who say Macbeth will become
king. Macbeth sends a private letter to Lady Macbeth (Ella
Fairhurst). She immediately plots a plan to kill King Duncan
(Ben Ward). Macbeth doesn’t want to but Lady Macbeth
persuades him.
At the beginning the sounds the sound effects where very
atmospherical and they set a great mood. Also, when King
Duncan enters they used a trumpet, to give us an idea of
All the costumes where great; however I had a favourite, I
really liked King Duncan. His costume was a robe with the
England flag on it. It really gave you the impression of royalty.
This was a great play. I think any Shakespeare fan should give
it a try.
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