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Lorenzo Torchia
Home Page Assignment
This home page assignment consists in an HTML document design to be published
on the World Wide Web in a page format usable by every browser.
I decided to make an home page for a potential website for my band in which I play
drums, named “The Disasters”.
In every band website it is important to show the pictures of the elements of the
band, its contacts so to for the public be easy to get in direct contact with the band,
and a brief story and further infos.
The web page design it is divided into an HTML file page and a CSS format page.
Inside the HTML page, I wrote all the things that are readable on the web home
page, and in the CSS I applied all the characteristics of style.
After putting the links explaining the sources from which I took the files from (the
folders) I started defining the body of the web page. In the CSS page I defined which
margin should the content have and the font’s text. With the function<div id=”top”>
I defined which element should be on the central top start of the page, as the title of
a newspaper. With the nomenclature h1, h2, h3 and h4 I defined the titles and
subtitles of the webpage, giving different names to each part of the home page.
I could add some pictures and images to my home page thanks to the function
<img src…> , explaining from which folder from my referral file I took the pictures
I could create two columns of pictures showing them in the same area of the page
so that who opens the page can see in the same time all 4 of the pictures with the
names of the components of the band.
In the end of the page I inserted the contacts and the general info if the band in two
different spaces. The text is listed non numerically but under the form of a list.
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