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Clou Press Release
Nuth, 03.2015
Cliff surface units: now in sunny orange
This puts a smile on our faces: the six Cliff surface units by Clou are so unusually shaped, it is
impossible to pick just one. While the surface is perfectly straight for storing personal items,
there isn't a straight line or corner to be seen on the rest of the unit.
One side is lower, one side is higher or deeper. But they all have the same flowing lines.
Rounded, concave, convex, and organic, these shapes are known as blob-like when applied
in practice and are extremely popular with the current generation of architects. In addition
to being aesthetically pleasing, these rounded shapes are also extra-safe. This is particularly
true in homes with small children.
Cliff surface units are made from ceramic and are available in six shapes and two colours:
white and orange. They are lend themselves perfectly to endless combinations and
variations: in the bathroom or shower. Clean and tidy just got even better with Cliff.
----------------------Clou B.V.
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