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2.04 Assignment
I obtained $7,500 from a short story competition that I won. I choose Individual Retirement
Account (IRA) mostly for the saves on taxes and it’s long-term. Mutual fund for the potential in
earning an abundance amount of money in a short amount of time. Stocks for earning the most
money over a long period of time. I would say the choices I choose would make me a moderate
risk taker, because the three choices I chosen balance each other out if you think about it. I would
divide the money equally for the three choices which would be $2,500. When you think about
diversification basically it means investing in an equal amount in a variety of assets, which I did.
I looked at the risk factors for all three choices and if one or even two of them fail and last one
will come through and I will make my money back. As for the rate of return it varies. If I do the
IRA the rate of return will vary from the plan I choose to it. For the Mutual Fund I will earn the
money in a short amount of time. That’s if everything goes well and my investment plan goes
well. Now for stocks this is where it will get tricky because anything can happen. I will earn my
money when my investment plan is over but it’s over a long period of time. The stocks can
change at any moment. Overall, I think my choices for investment were thoroughly thought out
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