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Select a topic from your own curriculum and create the evolution timeline for
your selected topic, describe each phase in detail, the transition (change) from
technology integration to mobile technology integration should be well defined.
Follow Oliver’s mythology unit as it evolves from a traditional, textbook-based
unit to a mobile Activity
My Unit Plan:
Earth speakingWeek One:students will read the lesson from
book and answer the questions given at the end
Week Two:Teacher will explain different vocabulary words and ask students to
find some material from library about history of Earth
Week Three:Students will work in a group now share their information with
each other and make a scrab book of history of Earth and it’s origin
My Unit Plan:
Earth Speaking
Week One:students will read about Earth and it’s origin
Week Two: students will search about old history of earth and it’s origin and do
an online quiz about it. and also search about different videos and
Week Three: students collaborate in their final project and and make a power
point project changes in atmosphere of earth ..they will attach picturs and
relate different theories
My Unit Plan:
Earth Speaking
Week One: students now use their personal tablets to read about different
information regarding earth open different picture of these and do quiz about
its history in smart phone apps
Week Two: students will explore more abput the history of earth using tablets
share best sites to our class room social media page share video and different
pictures. Use mobile-concept mapping app to collaborate with students.
Week Three: students collaborate in groups in their final projects use built in
cameras and photo editing apps to create dynamic visual presentation of Earth
and it’s history
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