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Application to the McBurney Fellowship Program
Submitted by
FACULTY MENTOR: Name, title, department, McGill ID
STUDENT: Name, department, year of study, (e.g. U2; MA1), McGill ID
For a student stipend to travel to
Organization name, country, city or province*1
Travel will take place between Click here to enter a date. and Click here to enter a date.
Note: Strong proposals will demonstrate a project’s sustained engagement with and tangible impact on
local populations, highlight both the intended short and long-term impact of the fellowship and/or how it
fits into an existing research or service program, and clearly identify the role of the student.
Executive Summary
In one or two paragraphs, describe the proposed fellowship, including project rationale.
Description of the organization that will host fellow(s) in Latin America
A brief history of the organization, as it relates to this fellowship.
Ongoing Work in Latin America
Describe any connections or collaborations that exist between the student and/or the faculty member and
the host organization.
Proposed Activities
Include student objectives, as well as a description of the types of activities the student will conduct.
When would travel take place? What would the student do week-to-week?
How many hours per week do you expect to work on this fellowship? For how many weeks?
Benefit to student
Why is it desirable to send a student to Latin America to do this fellowship?
* If Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada advises against travel to this region, McBurney Fellowships
will not be awarded.
Benefit to work of organization / program
What might the organization gain from having a student?
Long-Term and Short-Term Objectives
Intended impact of the fellowship
Describe both the short and long term potential impact of the fellowship on the host
How does this fellowship demonstrate ongoing commitment to the target community?
Student Preparedness
What skills and experience make the student a good candidate for an independent fellowship in Latin
America? Include description of language ability. If the student has not yet been selected, please describe
the student selection process.
Description of ethical considerations
If your project involves research with human subjects, include proof of ethics approval when you submit
your proposal.
All applicants must recognize that students should not be placed in a position where they are asked to
interact with marginalized groups in a manner that puts either party in a vulnerable position. Furthermore,
students should not be required to perform tasks they would feel hesitant performing in Canada.
Pre-departure training
What will the student do to prepare for their fellowship? What will the faculty member do to help the
student prepare?
What role will the faculty mentor play prior to departure, during the fellowship, and post-fellowship?
Use of funds
Why is funding needed for this fellowship? What will the funds be used for? Is the student receiving any
other funding to cover travel or living expenses for this fellowship.
Note that McBurney Fellowships are first and foremost service-based projects. Funding received from the
McBurney program should be used for travel and a small stipend while students undertake work with an
organization in Latin America. They are not intended to support students’ dissertations.
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