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Whole Foods Market Vendor Reporting Extranet Invitation
We are excited to invite you to have access to Whole Foods Market’s vendor reporting extranet. There is
no fee associated with having an access login.
In order to expedite your setup,
1. Complete both tabs within the attached Whole Foods Vendor Portal Access Request Form. On
the first tab in this file, fill in contact information for the primary user from your company. We
will be using this persons’ name as your login. At this time we will not be disabling any logins so
please choose carefully the persons’ name that you would like to see on your account. On the
second tab please include a current SKU list for your brand(s).
2. Please read the attached standard Non-Disclosure Agreement, fill out the highlighted areas with
the name of the primary user, print the form and then hand-sign it.
3. Return the WF Vendor Portal Access Request Form as an email attachment to
[email protected]; Fax the entire Non-Disclosure Agreement, not just the
signature page to 512-482-7305. Both the Whole Foods Vendor Portal Access Request and the
Non-Disclosure Agreement forms must be sent on the same day. We will not process any
requests if we do not receive all the completed forms. To Identify your documents please enter
your company in the subject line of your email or fax.
If you would like your broker(s) to also have access to your sales data, please let us know and include
the broker’s name in the body of your email. Brokers also need to send a completed and signed NDA if
you plan to share WFM retail data with them, whether or not they access the extranet directly or
receive the data through you.
At this time we will not be disabling any logins so please choose carefully the persons’ name that you
would like to see on as your account, and have them fill out and sign the Non-Disclosure agreement.
Please send all replies and questions to this email box: [email protected]
It normally takes a couple of weeks for processing though it can take longer depending on the number
of requests and resources available on our end to process them. We will contact you with your login
information when it's ready.
Also, please let us know if you sell direct to Whole Foods Market (not through a 3rd party distributor)
and if so whether you are supplying cost information through our vendor internet cost portal.
Thanks and againplease write back to [email protected] you have any questions.
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