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UNIT 4 Lesson 2
Running away
1) The picture :
- What we have here is a still.
- The scene takes place in a chapel or a cell in a tower of a castle.
- There is a girl. She looks like a Princess because she gas got a wedding
dress and a diadem. She is kneeling on the floor and she looks scared
and worried. We can imagine she has been kidnapped by a villain.
- In the cell, there are candelabrums and candles. There is a niche in the
wall with paintings and, in the background, there is a stained-glass
window with an angel. The angel has got wings which represent
freedom and escape. And he has got a cross which represents death. He
has got a blank face with no expression: we don’t know what is going to
happen to the girl.
2) The story (part 1) :
- What we have here is an excerpt / an extract from a novel written in
1795 by Anne Radcliffe: The mysteries of Udolpho.
- The scene takes place in Italy, at the top of a castle, in a cell where the
heroin, Emily Saint Aubert is captive.
- Emily Saint Aubert, a French girl, has been kidnapped by Count Manfredi,
an Italian vilain. She is his prisoner. She has been forced to go to Italy on
a donkey . Emily is nostalgic because she is thinking of her lover,
Valencourt and of her past days.
- There is a third character : a mysterious figure with a black cloak and a
hood : maybe she is a woman. Emily can’t see her face: she reminds us
of the angel in the stained-glass window.
The story (part 2):
- The mysterious Lady said she was Sister Agnes and she had come to
release Emily from her prison. The two girls ran out of the cell. First,
they went through a secret door with heavy purple curtains, then, they
went down a small vertical tunnel, next they went through another
small door, after, they ran down a vertiginous staircase and finally they
stopped in front of a big black curtain which was the entrance to the
dungeon !
- During their escape, they were followed by Count Manfredi’s banditti.
Part 3 :
Emily entered the dungeon and saw a dozen people dressed like Sister
Agnes. They were holding torches. She heard a horrible laugh and
realized that in reality Sister Agnes was Count Manfredi himself !
She had fallen into a trap !
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