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By: Faith Jackson
Andrew Jackson
In the case McCulloch v. Maryland, McCulloch believed that it was a
Implied power to have a national banks which allowed many different
States the power to use one bank. on the other hand Maryland thought
That every state should have their own bank so they did not have to
Fight for business or that the national bank should be charged an interest
Of 15,000 dollars. This was an attack to try to destroy the bank. The court
Ruled in favor of McCulloch.
In the case Gibbons v. Ogden , The Gibbons thought that the government
Had a right to interstate trade. The Ogden’s thought that it was not a
States right to have interstate trade and thought that it was not part of the
Federal commerce clause to have interstate trade. They took it to the court
And they ruled in the gibbons favor that they were able to have interstate
I was called kind Andrew by the National Republicans. I was called this
Because I have vetoed so many than all the other presidents combined.
They believed I was the protector of the people’s rights as my term of
In 1832 I required payment of gold or silver for public land instead of
Paper money. This cause people to panic and run to the banks and
Trade their money for gold and silver coins. This rush for money was know
As the panic of 1837. A lot of people blamed me because of this.
This is a picture of where the of where
Cases were fought.
I should have been president in 1824. Because I had the popular vote
But there was no Electoral College to decide how they did in 1828 when
I won. There was only the house of Representatives who was lead by
Henry Clay who was the leader. Adams went and persuaded Clay to
Vot for him witch lead me to believe that he won by corrupt bargain.
This is an example of one of the gold
coins Andrew Jackson
Made so people did not use money.
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