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I am Spike. She is Desiree. We are classmates and we live in the same neighbourhood.
On weekdays, we get up early, around 7 o’clock. We have a shower, brush our teeth and eat
breakfast. I drink (drink) a glass of milk and have (have) a sandwich, but Desiree prefers (prefer)
orange juice and cereal. At 8 o’clock she knocks (knock) on my door and off we go (go) to
school. Well, sometimes she is (be) late because of her hair. She likes (like) to create a different
style now and then. Anyway, it takes (take) us about ten minutes to get to school. Half the way,
our friend Mary joins (join) us. We have (have) lessons from 8:30 to 3 o’clock. The three of us
go (go) together back home except on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I have (have) Judo
lessons in a Gym nearby. Desiree also has (have)music lessons on the same days. I l love (love)
seeing her play the violin!
1. Spike is Desiree’s classmate.
2. They get up around 7 o’clock.
3. He has a glass of milk and a sandwich.
4. They go to school on foot.
5. She is sometimes late because of her hair. She likes to create new hair styles.
6.It takes them abnout 10 minutes to get to school.
7. They spend six and a half hours at school.
8. They don’t go together back home on Tuesdays and Thurdays because Spike has judo lessons
and Desiree has music lessons.
1. Who is Desiree?
2. Do they live in the same neighourhood?
3. What does Desiree have for breakfast?
4. What time does she knock on Spike’s door?
5. Is school far from their home?
6. Who joins them on their way to school?
7. Where does he go after school?
8. Which instrument does Desiree play?
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