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Instructions for
Back Cover
The back cover is largely already designed. I wish for you to use the back cover of our presentation folder for the back
cover of this marketing booklet.
The presentation folder was designed previously by another Logo Guru designer when our
stationery product was created. We like the back cover very much and want to use it for this
booklet also.
The back cover on the presentation folder needs to be modified somewhat to be used for
this booklet.
1. The back cover was created in a portrait (vertical) page. The new booklet is in a
landscape page (horizontal) so the image must be resized so that it looks good and
proportionate in a landscape view. Do not have a border or see any white. The image
should go all the way to all edges.
2. Make the ball logo and the address, phone numbers, etc much larger and centered
more on the back page. It is the only location in the entire booklet where the contact
information is listed. Also add the name Core Centrix above the address
3. These changes need to be made to the phone numbers on the back cover, these are
the correct numbers:
a. Toll free
b. Phone
(855) CORE 411
(951) 893-6700
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