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1) Образуйте форму множественного числа от существительных, данных в
Пример: I like to read English (book). - I like to read English books.
1) I put the (knife) there and your (child) cannot take them.- I put the knifes there and
your children cannot take them.
2) My friend always tells me funny (joke) and (story).- My friend always tells me funny
jokes and history.
3) I like to cook new (dish).- I like to cook new dishes.
4) I have got (goldfish) at home.- I have got goldfish at home.
2) Измените предложения, употребив во множественном числе соответственно
все существительные, местоимения и глаголы:
Примечание: неопределенный артикль “a” не употребляется с существительными
во множественном числе.
Пример: The girl is very beautiful. – The girls are very beautiful.
5) Is it a mouse?- This mouse?
6) She is a real lady. They are true lady.
7)Where is a glass? - Where glasses ?
3)Замените выделенные местоимения данными в скобках существительными
в притяжательном падеже:
7) Her father is an accountant (my cousin). - My cousin is an accountan.
8) Their house is comfortable (my grandparents).- The house of my grandparents is
9) I think her boyfriend is very nice (Mary).- I think Mary boyfriend is very nice.
10) His family is big (Tom). – Tom family is big.
11) I often reread their letters (my friends). I often reread letters my friends
4) Заполните пропуски cooтветствующими местоимениями из списка:
I me mine you him her us them it myself yourself our your yours hers ours
their theirs themselves herself
7) I always design dresses herself.
8) They are Liz and Max. And the little girl is their ster.
9) Me can see yourself in the mirror.
10) Is it your key? – Yes, it’s mine .
11) I can’t find my books. I don’t remember where I put them.
5) Переведите на английкий язык:
11) много домашней работы,
11) a lot of homework,
немного масла,
немного книг,
мало информации,
14) little information,
много мышей,
15) a lot of mice
много сахара,
16) a lot of sugar,
несколько бизнесменов, 17) a few business
мало студентов,
мало денег,
много раз. 20) many times
12) a little oil,
13) little books
18) , few students,
19) a little money,
6) Выберите нужное слово (SOME/SOMEBODY/SOMETHING,
He is busy. He has no time to go to the cinema with us somebody liked that play: it
was very dull. Have you no questions? Ask me something you like, I shall try to
answer some question.
7) Поставьте глагол в нужную форму (Действительный залог)
1) They are busy now, they discuss an important problem.
2) They to discuss it since two o’clock.
3) Both grown-ups and children be fond of playing computer games.
4) My friend has a good ear for music.
5) He plays the piano since five years old.
6) Look! The boys broke the window and now they are running away.
7) Let’s go, the train already arrived.
8) When you visit our city for the first time?
9) He collected thousands of stamps with pictures of famous people before he gave up
10) You shouldn’t speak loudly when you (to fish).- You should not speak loudly
when you to fish.
8) Напишите небольшой рассказ о себе, своей семье, учебе,
увлечениях (10-15 предложений).
My name is Natalia. I am 39 years old. I have three children. My kids name:
Daniel, Olga and Daria. At home we have a dog, a cat and a dwarf rabbit. Here we
have such a big happy family. I work in a kindergarten nachalnikom economic
department. I love my job. I am the right person on the job. Whether you need to
track all come to work. I'm studying at the institute in the first year.
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