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Check 1
1. Match the objects to the school subjects.
1. Atlas
a. English
2. Paints
b. IT
3. Experiment
c. Maths
4. Sport shoes
d. Geography
5. Dictionary
e. Music
6. Calculator
f. Science
7. PC
g. PE
8. Piano
h. Art
2. What are their favourite subjects?
PE, Music, Maths, Art, Geography, Science, IT, History
Jane likes computers.
5. Harry knows a lot about countries and people.
Dave can draw and pain.
6. Mike likes to read about old times.
Max is a good football player.
7. Sam likes doing sums.
Kate can sing and play the piano really
8. Lily likes to learn about nature.
3. Read the dialogues and fill in the gaps with the words from the box. One is extra.
Literature, subject, PE, school, like
- Sasha, what’s your favourite (1) ___ ? Maths?
- No, I love sports, so (2) ___ is my favourite. Do you (3) ___ Maths?
- No. I like reading. My favourite subject is (4) ___ .
4. Fill in the gaps to complete the dialogue.
- Hi. I’m Jill.
- Hello, I’m Alex.
- Nice to (1) ___ you, Alex. Where are you (2) ___?
- I’m from Moscow, Russia. Are you from England?
- Yes, I (3) ___. How (4) ___ are you, Alex?
- I’m twelve (5) ___ old.
5. Choose the correct response.
1. How are you?
a. It’s a pencil.
2. Hello. My name is Anna.
b. It’s D-A-V-I-D-O-V.
3. Nice to meet you, John.
c. Goodbye!
4. Where is the Science lesson?
d. Yes, I am.
5. How old are you?
e. I’m fine, thanks.
6. How do you spell your name?
f. Nice to meet you, too.
7. Let’s go to the lesson together!
g. It’s in room D.
8. What’s this in English?
h. I am twelve.
9. Are you new to the school?
i. Hi, my name is Olga.
10. See you later!
j. OK, great.
6. Fill in the right form of «be».
Dear David,
Hi! How are you? I (1) ___ fine. I (2) ___ at my new school. It (3) ___ far from my home
so I can walk there. It (4) ___ very big and it (5) ___ great. I like my classmates. They (6)
___ very friendly.
I (7) ___ in class 5V. we have five lessons every day. The lessons (8) ___ very difficult
so I have a lot of free time. My favourite subject (9) ___ Maths. My Maths teacher (10)
___ very nice!
What about your school this year?
Best wishes,
7. Read the text. Choose the correct answer.
Hi Henry!
How are you? My name is Chris and I’m ten years old. I go to Green School. My
favourite subject is PE. I also like History and English. I have a lunch break from 12:30
to 1:30 every day. My favourite day at school is Friday. I have History, English and PE
on this day.
Well, that’s about it.
Please write soon and tell me about your school.
Bye for now.
1. Chris is 9/10 years old.
2. Chris goes to Yellow/Green School.
3. His favourite subject is Information Technology/Physical Education.
4. He likes Science and Maths/English and History too.
5. Chris starts lunch at 12:30/1:30.
6. His favourite day at school is Friday/Thursday.
7. He asks Henry to tell him about his family/school.
Check 2
1. Match the nationalities to the countries.
1. Australian
2. Russian
3. Japanese
4. British
5. English
6. Irish
7. French
8. Italian
9. Scottish
10. Chinese
2. Form adjectives from the following geographical names.
1. Italy –
5. Spain –
2. France –
6. Australia –
3. The United States of America –
7. Great Britain –
4. The United Kingdom –
8. Japan –
3. Write the numbers.
1. 25
2. 79
3. 100
4. 19
5. 60
6. 30
4. Complete the dialogue using the words. One word is extra.
present / got / bike / weekend / often / that / Hi
- Hi, Anna!
- (1)___, Tom! Is (2)___ your new bike?
- No, that’s my brother’s. I’ve (3)___ a new skateboard.
- Wow, it’s fantastic! Is that your father’s (4)___?
- Yes, it is.
- I like skateboarding too. Do you (5)___ go skateboarding?
- Every Sunday. Join me next (6)___.
- I’d love to.
5. Complete the text with the missing phrases. There is one extra.
How much is it? / I want to buy a present / Can I have two, please? / How can I help you? /
Here you are / How about
- Good morning. (1)___
- Good morning. (2)___ for my little sister.
- (3)___ this doll?
- That’s a good idea. It looks beautiful. (4)___?
- It’s 3000 rubles.
- Can I have a smaller doll?
- (5)___. It costs 500 rubles.
- Good. I’ll take it. Thank you.
6. Choose the correct answer.
1. They has/have got pens and pencils.
2. We has/have got bicycles.
3. Sue and Mark has/have got balls.
4. I has/have got a skateboard.
5. Natasha has/have got a cap and gloves.
6. Peter has/have got special powers.
7. Fill in have / haven’t / has / hasn’t (got).
‐ My favourite subject is IT.
‐ (1)______ you ____ a computer at home?
‐ No, I (2)________. But we (3)________ computers at school.
‐ (4)_____ Katya ____ many friends in her class?
‐ No, she (5) _________. She’s new to the school.
‐ Excuse me, (6)_____ you ____ a red pen?
‐ No, I (7)________. But I (8)__________ a red pencil. Here you are.
‐ Thank you.
8. Choose the correct answer.
1. Jim has got brown glove/gloves.
2. Emma has got three doll/dolls.
3. She has got a guitar/guitars.
4. Amy has got a new bike/bikes.
5. Tim has got a pair of trainer/trainers.
6. We have got red watch/watches.
9. Write in the plural.
1 This lady has got a pink scarf.
2 It is a tooth.
3 A boy has got an atlas, a science book and a blue pen.
4 A fox has got a mouse.
5 A child has got a new toy.
6 That man is a teacher.
10. Match the titles to the descriptions of the cartoons. One title is extra.
A. Free life
D. The animal world
B. A real hero
E. A funny bear
C. True friends
1. The world most popular fictional characters of the 20th century are Winnie the Pooh, Piglet
and Eeyore. Walt Disney made this wonderful film in 1961. Winnie the Pooh is the bear loved
by all children. He is not very clever but kind and optimistic. Winnie the Pooh is a good friend,
ready to help. He likes honey most of all and has a good appetite. There are many funny episodes
in the film.
2. Madagascar series were made in 2005. The cartoon describes the adventures of the animals.
Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Gloria the hippo and Melman the giraffe live together in New
York Zoo. They want to be free and they run away. Alex is the leader of his friends. He’s strong,
clever and fast. He likes his life at the zoo but he runs away with his friends. Hunters catch them.
Then they fall into the ocean. At last they land at Madagascar. They have many adventures there.
3. The Superman series are very popular. Superman is strong, with high moral principles. He
came from another planet, planet Krypton, and has special powers. The first cartoon was made in
1941. It explained Superman’s origin, and described his fight with a mad scientist. The scientist
planned to terrorize the city. The story was simple. Superman’s powers were great. The cartoon
looked quite real.
4. All children like the cartoon “Tom and Jerry”. Tom is a blue and white domestic cat. Jerry is a
small brown mouse who always lives close to him. Jerry is very strong for his size and he is
clever. Tom is energetic. He doesn’t really want to eat Jerry but always chases him. In fact, they
are friends. They always help each other when in danger. The cartoons are quite funny.
11. Put in what, how or where. Answer the questions.
1 _________ are you from?
4 _________’s your name?
2 _________ ’s the capital of your country?
5 _________ do you spell your name?
3 _________ do you like in your country?
6 _________ old are you?
Check 3
1. Cross the odd word out.
1. bed – bathroom – wardrobe – carpet
2. computer – bookcase – digital camera – television
3. fridge – cooker – desk – table
4. bath – sink – washbasin – mirror
5. dining room – garden – kitchen – hall
6. desk – coffee table – chair – table
2. Write the ordinal numbers.
3. Fill in the numbers in the correct form.
1. Today is ______________(16) of May.
2. My best friend Mary is _______________(11)
years old.
3. ‐Which floor is Polina on?
‐She is on the_____________(8) floor.
4. Write the possessive adjectives.
1. (He) ________________ hair is black.
2. (It) _________________ eyes are big.
3. (We) ________________ dog is white.
4. (She) ________________pencil case is
5. Choose the correct preposition.
1. There is a tree under / behind / on the
2. There is a small sofa on / in / next to the
big sofa.
3. There are a lot of books next to / on / in
front of the shelf.
4. The desk is on / next to / under the bed.
6. Put the words in the correct order.
1. living / the / is / room / big / very.
2. let’s / upstairs / go!
3. my / is / bedroom / which?
4. My block of flats has got ____________
(19) floors.
5. The__________(5) day of the week is
6. - How much is that umbrella?
- It’s ___________(10) pounds.
5. (I) ___________ brother is eleven
years old.
6. (They) ____________ house is green.
7. (You) _____________room is small.
8. (She) ____________ sister is big.
5. There are some tables on / in / next to the
6. There is a lot of furniture in / on / under the
7. There is a carpet on / in front of / under the
8. There are some posters next to / in / on the
4. we / are / here.
5. go / in / let’s!
6. house / it / which / is?
7. Open the brackets to complete the text.
My friend Olga lives in England. Olga (1) ___ (have) got a house near London. The house (2)
___ (be) about 50 years old. It (3) ___ (have) three floors. There (4) ___ (be) bedrooms and
bathrooms upstairs. There (4) ___ (be) a kitchen, a dining room and a living room downstairs.
8. Find the right answers in the box.
1. How old is she?
2. What date is it today?
3. How many rooms are there in his flat?
4. How many flowers are there in her back garden?
5. Which floor is their flat on?
6. How much is that poster?
The third.
Eight pounds.
Twelve years old.
The eleventh of December.
A lot.
9. Choose the correct answer.
1. How many rooms are there in your flat?
2. What’s your new flat like?
3. Is there a picture on the wall?
4. Has your house got any furniture?
There’re flowers in the vase.
On the first floor.
It’s nice.
No, there isn’t.
Yes, there are.
Yes, there is.
Yes, it has.
10. Read the text and fill in the gaps, mark statements True (T) or False (F).
hotel / garage / swimming pool / nine / friends / garden / bathroom / ninth
Mark is in France with her (1) ___. They stay in a hotel. The (2) ___ is very big. It has (3) ___
floors. Their room is on the (4) ___ floor. There is a (4) ___ next to the hotel. There is a (5) ___
on the first floor. They enjoy it when it is hot. The restaurant is on the first floor too. There is a
very nice (6) ___, so they can have lunch outside.
Mark is on holiday with her friends.
Their hotel is big.
There is a garage under the hotel.
They like to swim in a hot weather.
The restaurant is very nice.
There is a garden at the hotel.
They sometimes have lunch in the garden.
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