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Response to the Selection Criteria
PEB Liaison Assistant
Criterion 1
Demonstrated experience in office management and administrative support functions.
<Insert Your Answer Here>
Criterion 2
Highly effective oral and written communication skills.
<Insert Your Answer Here>
Criterion 3
Demonstrated ability to work under pressure, organise workloads, establish priorities, meet
deadlines and deliver outcomes in a high tempo team based environment.
<Insert <Your Answer Here>
Criterion 4
Proven ability to work harmoniously and effectively in a small team environment.
<Insert Your Answer Here>
Criterion 5
Experience in the use of computer software applications such as word processing, spreadsheets
and financial/document management information systems.
<Insert Your Answer Here>
Criterion 6
Ability to use and troubleshoot information technology – both software and hardware.
<Insert Your Answer Here>
Criterion 7
Demonstrated ability to work in a cross-cultural environment and to exercise sound judgment and
<Insert Your Answer Here>
The applicant will be located in Jakarta for at least the next 12 months
<Insert Your Answer Here>
Addressing the Selection Criteria
Outline your skills and abilities that relate to the criterion you are addressing.
Do not simply address the criterion by saying that you possess the required skills but highlight your
skills, experiences and achievements. Describe how you utilise these skills and provide examples.
Think broadly and diversely when addressing the criterion. For example: if the criterion relates to an
employer seeking a person with good communication skills, think about the different forms of
communication (in person, in writing, over the telephone and communicating with persons from
different ethnic backgrounds/cultures, language barriers, non verbal communication skills etc).
Make sure that your response is clear, succinct and concise. Remember, there is no need to impress
by providing an overly complicated response that the employer will have trouble interpreting.
Use positive action words.
Ensure that your response to each criterion is no longer than half a page.
Run a spell check on your computer before anyone sees your application.
Do a grammar review.
More information can be found at
Thank you for responding to the selection criteria
Please send your CV/résumé and Response to Selection Criteria to
[email protected]
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