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Merry Christmas Mr Bean !
Watch the video and complete
1) Going Shopping : *Where does he go ? Harrods
Can you give a French equivalent? An American one?
Les Galleries Lafayette / Macy’s
*Describe the shop: what can you see in connection with Christmas: Christmas trees,
ornaments (balls and garlands), a fake reindeer, a lit snowman...
*What decorations does he choose? How does he test them?
a) He bounces the balls to see which one is more resistant.
b) He plugs the electric lights to see if it works.
*Before paying, what does he do? He plays with a crib.
Who is usually in the Nativity play (8)? Baby Jesus, Mary and
Joseph, the Wise Men, a cow and a donkey.
Who/ What does Mr Bean include into it? The Queen’s guards, some
sheep, a shepherd dog, a shepherd, a truck to carry the sheep, a
lamb, a sci-fi robot, a T-rex, tanks, a helicopter carrying an angel.
Where does he relocate the scene? In a doll’s house
Who stops him? The salesman with a model bobby.
2) At the Christmas outdoors market
*Who does he meet? His girlfriend
*What does she show him? A ring in a shop’s display
*What does he do next? He gathers money for the Salvation
*Then, what does Mr Bean do? He replaces the conductor.
*Finally, what’s the problem? There’s no more Christmas trees so he steals the big market
3) At home: Christmas traditions
* He decorates the Christmas tree (it’s shorter than the
Market on because he has cut the top)
*He prepares his Christmas cards, and
sends them to himself . Then, he hangs them as
*He gets a box of Christmas Crackers. He takes out all the
strings and puts them in only cracker.
*He hangs stockings onto the fireplace (one for him and one for his
teddy bear) He also hangs one for the mouse which lives in his flat.
*Finally, he listens to some carolers at his doorway.
4) On Christmas Day (=Boxing Day)
*Mr Bean is very excited because he
can open the presents.
->The teddy bear gets new eyes.
-> Mr Bean gets the second sock that matches his stocking.
-> The mouse gets some cheese and Mr Bean puts it in a mousetrap.
5) The Meal
*For dinner, they will have a big turkey
*To prepare it, Mr Bean stuffs it but he loses his watch
into it. So he tries to get it back and puts his head into it
and he gets stuck. His girlfriend knocks at the door. When
she enters, she hangs some mistletoe onto the lamp. (maybe
she hopes he will kiss her)
*Complete the dialogue:
“Are you allright in there?” “Yeah I’m fine”
“A cup of tea?” “Oh yes, if you’re having one.”
“I might.”
“Got the turkey on? Do you want a hand?”
*What do they eat instead of the turkey? Raw carrots and sandwiches.
6) The gifts:
*What does she offer him? A model ship. What’s his reaction? He’s
very happy / satisfied / glad
*What does he offer her? The ring advertising cardboard. What’s
her reaction? She’s disappointed / sad
*When we see the second present, we think it’s a ring but in fact it’s a peg (to hang the
What’s her reaction? She’s very upset: she slams the door and leaves the flat.
Finally, Mr Bean is alone He pulls the Christmas cracker and it explodes.
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