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Topic № 1.
Use ex. 7 p 5
How many seasons are there in a year? What are they?
How many months are there in each season? Name them, please.
How many months does each season in Britain contain (содержит)?
What is the coldest (the hottest) season of a year?
What is the weather like in winter (in spring, in summer, in autumn)?
What fun can children have playing outdoors on a bright and frosty winter day?
What holidays do people celebrate in the middle of the winter (at the end of December
and at the beginning of January)?
8. Why do we call autumn a very beautiful and «tasty» season?
9. Why do many people like summer?
10. What is your favourite season? Why do you like it?
Topic № 2
Use ex.6 p.8
1. Do we wear the same or different clothes in different seasons of a year?
2. What do you usually wear on hot summer days (on cold winter days; on rainy
autumn days)?
3. What clothes do you like to wear at home?
4. What do you put on when go to the party?
5. Do you wear a uniform at school? What is it like?
6. What a proverb (proverbs) about clothes do you remember?
7. Where do you usually buy clothes? Who helps you to choose ones?
8. How do you choose any clothes when you buy them?
9. What size shoes do you wear? What is your favourite colour?
Topic № 3
British Holidays. Christmas
Use ex. 1 p.23
1. What British holidays do you know? When do the British celebrate them?
2. When is Christmas day?
3. Why are people so busy some weeks before Christmas?
4. How do people decorate a Christmas tree?
5. Where do people go on Christmas Eve? (to church)
6. Who is the main Christmas character (персонаж) for children?
7. Where does Santa Claus put his presents for children?
8. Why do the children like this holiday so much?
9. Do you celebrate Christmas, New Year or both in your family?
10. Tell us how you celebrated this holiday (these holidays).
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