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Interview Prep
The purpose of this document is to get everyone—consultant, content manager, client—thinking about
the TOFU or MOFU document that will result from a subject matter expert interview prior to the
interview. Having a good idea of the general shape and approach of a document going into an interview
will result in a more productive interview.
Please answer the following questions.
Is this a TOFU (non-branded, informational) or a MOFU (informational about a brand) document?
Who are we interviewing? Why are we interviewing this person?
Who is this document for (target reader)?
What questions(s) will this document help that target reader answer?
How will this target reader benefit from having the answer to these questions?
Do you have any suggestions for the title of this document?
Do you have any other pre-interview thoughts you want to share?
What day/time/place is the interview?
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