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Formal CV:
Hello, my is Ofir and I'm a 26 years old English to Hebrew translator by trade. I have
graduated from the University of Tel-Aviv (Israel) with a degree in the English language back
in 2009. I have worked for a few translation websites in the past as a freelancer excluding At Gengo I have worked as a hired foreign employee translator for the site for 34 years now. At my free time I tutor a few young students at my neighborhood who are
struggling with English.
University of Tel-Aviv
Graduated at 2009 with a degree in the English language.
Professional and Proofread Translator since 2010.
I was hired to translate files ranging from the simplest of letters into the highest degrees of
contracts and judicial papers. While working for this website I was sent files like Apps, TripAdvisor reviews and basically anything the costumer had requested for. During the time, I
started as a 'Standard Level' translator and worked my way up into becoming a 'Proofread
Level' translator (which is the highest level that can be achieved for a foreign translator) in
less than a year.
Computer Hardware
 Law & Judicial Contracts
 Advertising
Technical terms (Application Development)
 Science (Mainly Chemistry)
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