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Instructions For
Pages 6 & 7
Pages 6 and 7 require design creativity. Here is the goal or purpose of these two pages:
Page 6 is an image of dominos. This needs to bleed over the edge so that there is no white
space. There will be a 1/8th inch trim edge. The picture will convey a crisp image of the
potential impact that we all know can occur, if one domino is pushed over … all of the dominos
will topple. That’s the image we are trying to convey. There is a text message in the bottom
corner but it doesn’t have to look like this. It doesn’t need a box just design the message in
your own creative way, to appear on top of that domino image.
Page 7 is the difficult page. There is a created image that shows 18 boxes with words in them.
The goal is create a layout where these boxes would resemble dominos similar to the image on
Page 6. It obviously doesn’t have to be identical or even as big. It is supposed to be a
continuing theme where the image of dominos on page 7 contain words that start at the top
and show the impact if the domino is pushed over, what are all the things that will topple.
If there are two many boxes, let me know and I can eliminate a couple but not too many.
There are also two distinct messages displayed in each corner but they don’t need to look like
that. Be creative and make this page attractive and professional.
I am very open to suggestions. Remember the viewer will see pages 6 and 7 at the same time
as they will lay open with Page 6 on the left and Page 7 on the right.
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