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"Please take into consideration the following message. In the match Slovenia-Russia, servicing the judge
Terje Hauge, we found a few moments, allowing us to appeal to FIFA to cancel the result of the match in
Maribor. These are two of the unjust removal of Russian players (in the first case forward Kerzhakov not beat
the goalkeeper, and tried to seize the ball to the goalkeeper Handanovič not recorded. Moreover, the
arbitrator not only remove the player, but did not punish the Slovenes, who hit a couple of times Kerzhakov.
Yuri Zhirkov not touched assistant, delaying the game).
Another time, when the goalkeeper of Russia in Slovenia fans hurled a folding knife. If the knife landed at
Akinfeev, then Hauge would have immediately stopped the match with the ensuing disqualification of the
Slovenian national team. Therefore, I, on behalf of the whole of Russia demand:
1) disqualify stadium Human VRT;
2) removal of judges Terje Hauge of work in the FIFA;
3) cancel the result of the match in Maribor
4) a re-match on neutral territory. It will be fairly and lawfully. And the authority of FIFA as an organization that
promotes clean football, certainly increase".
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