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Chapter 11
Smyth sighed. “I miss Pratchett. Do you think we’ll see him again?”
She gently put the golden shapes into her pocket, next to the fairy code and frowned at the
changing scenery. Trees had grown across to meet each other, blocking out most of the sky
and their roots had turned grey like stone.
Breedon nodded. “Yeah, perhaps we’ll see him later. Hey, can you hear the sea?”
“Yeah, really far away and the air smells weird – sweet like candy canes but I’m not hungry
or thirsty.”
“Yes, same here. But if you ever tell anyone that I agreed with you I’ll ... deny it.”
“Stop being such a boy Breedon.”
“Oooow - who was being such a girly girl – ‘you’re so gorgeous Pratchett’, ‘can I touch your
horns Pratchett?’”
Smyth stamped her foot. “Stop it Breedon. We need to get to the treasure.”
Breedon grinned. “You can try to distract me but it won’t work. I’m telling your boyfriend
that you’ve got a crush on someone called Pratchett.”
“OK, OK we’ll work on the next puzzle.”
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