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This lecture was based on a chapter from my Ph.D. thesis.
I discussed different problems, such as the raising of the Romanian
bourgeoisie, the theory of the forms without substance, the 19th Century
Romanian Elite, the interwar Romanian’s economic and other social issues.
For the discussion I used different analytical frameworks contained in the
work of some important Romanian social thinkers such as Stefan Zeletin,
Mihail Manoilescu, Constantin Dobrogeanu Gherea, Dimitrie Gusti, Titu
Maiorescu and Virgil Madgearu.
In the final part of the lecture I provided different examples taken from
my own research of the Romanian elite, because I wanted to analyze the
contemporary Romanian capitalism. I underlined the relevance of the history of
the Romanian capitalism for those willing to understand the period of transition
from socialism to capitalism.
The students asked numerous questions, mostly about the contemporary
capitalism and about the trends of the Romanian economy and society. Because
it was the last lecture before the winter holiday, not too many students were
present in the amphitheatre. But I could see that there is a nucleus of students
from Sociology and Economics who took part in all the lectures and seminars.
From this nucleus I believe there are two students from Sociology and other two
from Economics that I show potential for MA studies here or even in the Central
European University.
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