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Department of History, Archeology and Ethnology
“Farabi world” International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists
April 13st – 16st 2015
Dear Students and Young Scientists!
We invite you to participate in the International Conference of Students and Young Scientists “Farabi world”,
which will be held in April 13st – 16st 2015. Undergraduate and graduate students and young scientists of the
Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS countries are invited to participate in the conference.
Main goals and objectives of the conference:
1) Encourage research, educational and cognitive activities of students;
2) Involvement of students and young scientists in resolving existing issues;
3) Exposure of creativity, selection and support of the most talented and gifted students;
4) Promoting the intellectual potential of students.
Basic directions of the conference:
 Section 1. Formation and development of Kazakh statehood
 Section 2. Actual problems of world history, historiography and source studies
 Section 3. An archeology, ethnology and museology of Kazakhstan: past and present.
The official languages of the Conference are Kazakh, Russian and English. Forms of participation: oral, poster,
attendance only.
Material submitted to the Organizing Committee shall be published in the conference proceedings, as well as
online on the official KazNU website.
Guests and participants check-in at the International Conference "Farabi world" is expected on April 13, 2015.
Registration will take place at the Department of History, archeology and ethnology and hotel "Shamshyrak" is
ready for accommodation.
The conference will start on April 13, 2015:
1. The work of sessions
2. Round tables
2. Seminars
3. The Republic Olympiad
4. Meetings with prominent scientists.
Abstracts of conference materials will be published in separate collections of all fields of knowledge.
Introductory words from the University Rector Mutanov Galymkair Mutanovich, Heads of ScientificResearch Institutions and Chairman of the Committee of Young Scientists at KazNU; reports from students and
young scientists, as well as concert and the awards rewarding to the winners ceremony are expected to take place
during the conference.
Anyone wishing to attend the conference should submit filled in registration form:
Registration form for participants:
Name (full name):_________________________________________________
Place of work or study: ______________________________________________
Position (for students – course), Scientific degree: __________________________
Contacts: _________________________________________________________
E-mail: ___________________________________________________________
Mailing address for sending out the published materials:
Section of the Conference: ____________________________________________
Oral communication or poster: ________________________________________
Technical means necessary to demonstrate report: ________________________
For students - name, science degree, academic rank of scientific supervisor
Applications and abstracts are accepted in paper and electronic form by the Conference Secretary till
March 29, 2015.
Material submitted to the Organizing Committee shall be published in the conference proceedings as well as
on-line on the official KazNU website (
Abstracts should be prepared as follows:
• Up to 1 page;
• Program Windows 98/2000/XP; Microsoft Word 2003;
• Page Setup: top field - 2 cm, bottom margin - 2 cm, left - 3 cm, right - 1.5 cm;
• Font Times New Roman, KZ Times New Roman; font size - 12 pt;
• Line spacing - single; paragraph - 1 cm portrait orientation, headers and footers, and without setting pages,
the text is aligned to the width;
• Abstracts must not contain graphs, tables, drawings or photographs;
• In addition to the abstract file should also contain information about the author (application form), the file
should be entitled with your family name.
The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject abstracts, presented not in the main fields of the
conference and/or abstracts that do not satisfy the above-mentioned requirements. The Organizing Committee will
not be involved in abstracts text editing.
Each author may submit no more than three abstracts.
Additional information can be obtained from the following contacts and on the web-site
Address of the Organizing Committee: Republic of Kazakhstan, 050040, Almaty, Al-Farabi Avenue, 71.
Tel.: +7 (727) 3773267 (ext. 11-61 - Chairman of the Committee of Young Scientists at al-Farabi KazNU Gauhar
At the Department of History, Archeology and Ethnology abstracts can be sent to the following address:
Republic of Kazakhstan, 050040, Almaty, Al-Farabi Avenue, 71.
Secretary of Section 1 – Urazbaeva A.. e-mail: [email protected]
Secretary of Section 2 – Bedelova G. e-mail: [email protected]
Secretary of Section 3 – Egamberdyev M.. e-mail: [email protected])
Contact phone numbers: +7 (727) 377-33-37 (ext. 12-88 - Chairman of Scientific-Research Work of Students at
Department of History, Archeology and Ethnology – Sadykova Rayhan ([email protected]), ext. 12-84
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