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Volunteering at The Geffrye
Garden Volunteer
We are keen to know what interests you in volunteering at the museum and what skills and
experience you may have or may wish to develop. This is not a formal application, you can
complete it by email, on the phone, or in person. If in person please arrange a time to meet
with an appropriate member of staff by calling 020 7739 9893 and ask to speak to Megan
Your Name:
Phone numbers:
How did you find out about this volunteer role?
Why are you interested in volunteering at the Geffrye Museum?
Please tell us tell us why you are interested in the Garden volunteer role specifically.
Do you have any previous experience? Please include any skills, qualities or experience
you have. We believe that everyone has something to offer, so please do include life
experiences, which can be as relevant as work experience, like organising a social event,
writing a blog, helping a neighbour or experience with a particular community or age
What are you hoping to learn, experience or gain through volunteering with us? This
could be anything from meeting new people, getting back into a routine, or keeping busy,
to improving your CV, updating specific skills or sharing your interests.
What time do you have available to volunteer?
When would you hope to start volunteering here?
Would you be able to come along to a taster morning on Wed 25th March (10am –
Do you have any concerns about volunteering or any specific access issues we
might be able to help with?
Volunteering at the Geffrye Museum:
Please note that:
If you have any questions or concerns about volunteering, or any specific access
issues, please do discuss these with us.
We provide volunteer travel expenses but volunteers do not receive payment.
We provide support and training for all of our volunteer roles.
We have many different kinds of people, from different backgrounds and with a wide
variety of skills and experience working as volunteers and staff, and visiting the
museum. We expect all staff and volunteers to treat each other and all Museum
visitors fairly and with respect.
Please return this form by Monday 16 March to:
Community Participation and Volunteer Coordinator
The Geffrye: Museum of the Home
136 Kingsland Road
E2 8EA
Or email to: [email protected]
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