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WesternUnion Payment
Due to the regulation of WesternUnion fund transfer, we have to appoint an individual to
represent us as a recipient of fund.
Please note your invoice is in USD. Sending money in non-USD currency, please check the
exchange rate at: You MUST ensure non-USD fund equivalent to USD amount
in your invoice.
WesternUnion charges you a service fee (15-20USD) when you make a money transfer.
Please find an agent location at:
Recipient’s Information
First Name
Family Name
City, Province
Toronto, Ontario
Sender’s Information
When you complete the payment, please
 Scan and E-mail the receipt to us, AND
 Complete and E-mail the form below to us.
First Name
Middle Name
Family Name
City and Country where the money
was sent from
Currency and Amount that was sent
Money Transfer Control Number
or Reference Number
Test Question
if available
Answer for above question
if available
The payment is for
journal title
authors’ names
article title
or other purpose
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