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[Name and logo of the laboratory]
[University Name]
[Full name of the PhD supervisor (Directeur de Thèse)]
[Email of the PhD supervisor]
[Postal Address]
Subject: PhD acceptance Letter
I am pleased to inform you that I am willing to act as your PhD supervisor during your period of PhD
at [Laboratory Name]
Your PhD will start from [date] for a duration of 3 years.
The PhD thesis will be devoted to [PhD Subject]
There is no level of French language required to be accepted for this PhD [or The minimum level of
French language required is A1/A2/B1/B2 ]. However, even if you will have to work in English at your
laboratory, our university will provide you free French courses during your stay.
I hope your application to the CONACYT will be successful, and look forward to welcoming you to
[city name].
[Full Name of the PhD supervisor]
[Signature and Stamp]
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