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Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2010
Indiana University - Indianapolis
Open Text Responses (Edited)
Indiana University Center for Survey Research
This text file includes responses to the final questions of the UITS survey:
Are there any additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology
The responses are listed by group.
Identifying references have been removed from this document as indicated by [IRD].
Faculty Open Text Responses
Your survey is too long.
Need larger outlook mailboxes. More support of Mac and Mac software, such as virtual machines - I
used to use windows, but it became too time consuming because of viruses, crashes etc, so I switched to
Mac. UITS does support Mac, but perhaps could expand the support. Windows is simply becoming too
difficult for end users to manage, so more are switching to Mac.
Problems bridging the IT gaps between IU/CHP too many systems/password access/ID problems and
connectivity difficulties. Resulting in substandard pt. care.
Alpha paging system is not user friendly. I worked in a different hospital where they have a link with in
the intranet webpage on any computer in the hospital. I thought it was great idea and worked great (the
hospital is children's hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee).
For a person like myself that knows almost nothing about computers and what to do with them [I am 63
years old and have been in the education world all my professional life, 41 years ] the people at the
Library bottom floor have been awesome in helping me they are super !!!!
Since UITS took over the Computer labs in ES the red tape involved in scheduling classrooms and getting
software installed in the labs has increased.
Are bulbs in equipment changed on any sort of regular schedule, or do we just have to wait until they
burn out and then report the situation?
Since UITS has taken over the classrooms, one computer has malfunctioned while I was using it, and
another has not been updated and needs to be shut down and restarted because of Java update
information. The process to have these problems dealt with has not been made clear, and these
problems didn't occur previously. This does not bode well for the services you provide.
OnCourse has been improved over the past year, though, for which I am grateful.
I wish that you offered training on qualitative research software such as ATLAS.ti.
OnCourse crashes too much... it greatly interferes with online classes who have specific chat times and
paper due dates.
I teach a large lecture hall class and would like to take attendance electronically. There seems to be an
issue in that each room is its own computer system and NOT large enough to handle such a load. Why
cannot all classrooms be connected to the same server with greater capacity/functionality - much like
Parking Services is able to do?
Better Mac interfacing would be helpful.
Our department has an essentially self-contained system so there is little use of the UITS network.
The take-over of student tech fees and the consequent attempt to replace highly efficient and
knowledgeable school tech employees by UITS employees that do not understand school culture and
needs is a catastrophic idea. The impact on faculty research especially will be abysmal.
My fairly low range of ratings reflects UITS services only; the support we get form our school-assigned
tech services is wonderful! Please cease your efforts to eliminate their positions! ALL of our UITS service
requests go through them, and they service us directly. This is a huge return on the dollars spent to
retain them at the school level, so please leave them there. The only thing we rely on the larger UITS
entities for is service and upgrades on our wire lines, and all I can say about that is--we rarely request
such service, even when we need new lines or upgraded lines. Why? Because of the charges! We can't
afford hardly any of your line services! The only useful systems are IUCAT and related research systems,
and these tools test out about average for any university of this size. OnCourse is a disaster; advising
software also has huge problems--tracking academic minors is impossible! We are at the mercy of the
private sector vendors who designed generic software and then made us downgrade our categories of
required information to FIT the software. This is a very poor way to provide infrastructure in a university
that is clearly a national leader in IT resources.
I really hate the change made to e-mail (exchange) access. I work from home quite often and find it very,
VERY frustrating when I am bounced off line. Not only to I need to log in again but I also have to close
out of my Outlook account, sometimes in the middle of an e-mail, and restart the program. It's time
consuming and annoying. The old system worked MUCH better. I could stay on for the full day. Students
expect instant responses. While this is not my goal, it is helpful to at least know when they need help. I
don't even know when I am on-line with this new server system. Did I say I hate this new system? Also, I
don't know if this is your area but we need research and statistical support on the IUPUI campus. It’s not
helpful, for example, to attend a scheduled SPSS workshop two months after a data request. It's also
difficult to not have statistical support to help write for funding or complete a funded research project.
The only schools with such support are the medical and nursing schools. With more support, the other
schools will be in a better position to apply for funding.
It was good to have fewer OnCourse down-times this past year. Peak usage slowdowns are still
problematic. Some tools still need to be refined.
Dialing 4-4357 is usually a waste of time.
EPIC- used for ordering is not efficient and has its problems, and usually is frustrating.
Office lines are way, way overpriced, to the point one wants to get a Google number and use VOIP. UITS
needs to stop overcharging for this, or in the long run, they'll lose this revenue stream anyway. UITS
needs to do much better at decentralizing technology. Investment in public access workstations is
outdated; soon everyone will be packing email capable devices. In the Windows environment, Admin is
too intrusive for research computers to work (it is impossible to use a networked computer for research
when the PI doesn't have admin access to install program updates from equipment manufacturers, or
access the innards of the computer). In a research environment, everyone needs to be an administrator;
overall, this seems to work for Mac OS but not Windows. Searching for items on the IU campus is
completely useless, and Google usually works better. The single best thing about UITS is the
omnipresent availability of WIFI on campus, which represents where things should be going
(decentralization of facilities and availability of resources to as many people as possible). Computer
software agreements, esp. Adobe, are also a high point.
Really appreciate the 274_HELP line! I have used it and they are ALWAYS responsive and helpful!
I find it odd that we can get UITS to give us a microphone and laser pointer - but if we need them to wait
while a seminar speaker does a quick review of the slides, and especially any video to make sure that
everything is okay we get charged for it.
OneStart is now less confusing than it ever was; however, it has a very long way to go before it becomes
a user friendly site. Better organization is needed. The site remains very difficult to navigate.
I have found the service to be invaluable in helping me to learn various programs (editing,
Photoshop, etc). Unlike a workshop, I can use Lynda when and where I want to and can learn about
specific aspects of a program in short segments that are not overwhelming. I hope that the University
continues to provide access to this service.
Faculty computer life cycles are a problem, but funding for addressing this problem seems to be limited.
I incorporate a great deal of technology in my online courses, and it seems that a faculty member's
access to technology is also important to students, yet often gets overlooked by those allocating student
technology fees.
Need additional tech support in the library.
I would like more space for my Outlook account; it seems as though we would have better service if we
contracted through a commercial email service like Gmail.
The problems which occurred at the end of last semester with OnCourse, created havoc with student
and faculty access and kicked a number of students out of the system in the middle of an on-line final
exam, and in one case losing the results of one on-line test which was scored, but not inserted into
GradeBook along with the remainder of the class, causing that student to in correctly fail the course.
Overall, OnCourse was totally unacceptable during the final two seeks of last semester.
I find the web design for things like OneStart, grant approvals, TIME, etc to not be very user friendly.
No one seems to know how to get the IU and Clarian computers to talk to each other. When you can't
even get the basics working there is little time to address other needs. The problem is with
understanding what this center is capable of doing and who is the contact person for a particular need.
The one helpful person that we know that we can approach is [IRD]. Not sure if her role falls under this
It is hard to go on line each time for a computer related issue which seems to be the need now.
Have several needs for advertisement with a web page, video-conferencing, OnCourse. Need one
designated contact person so that we do not have to start over again each time we have a discussion.
I am satisfied with daytime IT service. However, my experiences with night IT service on the phone have
been frustrating and not helpful at all.
I appreciate the support from UITS when I have an emergency during class, but I am always frustrated
that it takes a long time for a person to get to class and after that s/he usually says they cannot fix
anything. Not to mention when I phone I am often asked very silly questions that imply the problem
must be my fault (for example being asked repeatedly if I have turn on the document camera).
Computer support is solid, good, reliable; same for technology support for distance Ed and video
streams; the telephone area is weak, delays in being able to get messages from offsite - they show up on
computer screen but it takes time to actually be able t listen to them - largely technology is a decided
Please do the upgrade web page during break (e.g. summer break), but please do not work on it during
ongoing summer semester. Thanks!
I would like to have given OnCourse CL a higher score because I like the way the system is set up.
However, slow moving forums, the need to take extra steps to use the Word "cleaning" process (and the
need to constantly explain this to students); some problems with Assignment Tool graded work
"disappearing" after grading it have plagued CL over the past year. I should state that it appears to have
been better this semester although the forums are still moving slowly.
I am frustrated that not all my e-mail is forwarded to my personal account.
Need more help accessing clinical systems from home.
It would be appreciated if we (as faculty) were notified or updated about what changes are made in
classroom equipment at the beginning of the school year instead of going in and blindly finding new
things loaded on the computer or changes about what is loaded on the computer.
Too many to write. Time system is a mess, voice mail is obsolete, we should forward all of that to either
secretaries or email; paging is from last century; purchasing interface is also very slow; there is too much
control of UITS over PI's computers, software, accessories to the point of inefficiency and despair!
I think it is pretty good.
OnCourse CL needs to be made more reliable.
Many of my services are provided by Clarian. Thank you for making me aware of your services.
Like many faculty members, I think OnCourse has a long way to go before it can be regarded as a reliable
user-friendly system. It is too click-intensive, it is not Excel-friendly, pages are not formatted
consistently, and it is too often slow or unavailable.
It has been very difficult and unreliable to receive videos and other materials for classroom use.
Formerly, they delivered this by campus mail to my office. Now it's very troublesome!
I do not like the restriction we have on downloading software that is potentially very helpful to us. We
are very restricted here.
Keep up the good work
Desperately need stronger wireless connections in the Visual Communication studio and office areas of
Herron. Our students bring laptops and unless they are hardwired, in some studios they cannot connect.
This inhibits collaboration and chains them to their desks. Please help!
I would like to thank [IRD] and [IRD] for their constant support to the Department of World Languages
and Cultures. We value most specially their expertise and advice.
UITS is a major asset to my professional activities at IUPUI. We are fortunate to have such support.
Fire [IRD]. Stop stealing money from IUPUI for IUB.
Nothing but keep up the good work!
Would be nice to have IU and Clarian systems interact and synchronize seamlessly.
As a longtime tenured faculty member, I am very much opposed to UITS taking tech funds away from
the Schools. I view this as imperialism, and counter-productive to my teaching, advising, and research. I
oppose moving computer support services currently housed in Schools to UITS. UITS people do not
spend enough time (any?) in the classroom, doing research, and interacting with School faculty,
students, and staff members to be able to support our needs adequately.
OnCourse continues to be as unpredictable and unreliable as ever. I waste hours waiting for OnCourse
to respond. It is very frustrating in its inconsistency.
Would love to see UITS offer clouds for faculty. Also hoping desperately to find a way to connect to my
campus desktop from home (Mac to pc--something not quite right yet). Some of the campus based
software availability for faculty seems uneven-even within my school.
I am a hearing-impaired individual in a building where the phone network has not been upgraded - I
cannot use my phone at all, but would be fine with it if on a newer network like some of the other
campus buildings have.
Staff Open Text Responses
Problems with RFS greatly impact my daily work; I am hopeful RFS will be more stable in the future.
All my tech needs are served by the group at IUSD.
I would love to be able to not have to constantly change my password. There are too many systems
required in a given day to keep straight which ones and what had not been used before. Keep one for all
systems until you leave your department.
I work on graduate admissions. I don't feel that IUIE is sufficient for some of the reporting I need to do
for our accreditation. Many schools operate an additional database to make up for the shortcomings of
IUIE. I know there is some concern about those and the security. I hope a solution can be found so that
we are able to satisfy our accrediting bodies and keep data safe.
In the past five years IT has come a long way in communicating information to the school/departmental
Overall I am satisfied.
On the few occasions that I have called the UITS Help Desk for assistance, I have been very pleased with
the knowledge and helpfulness of the staff.
I believe IU has some very competent people working in UITS; however it seems to be the simple things
that are difficult to address. I am amazed at the lack of standard processes that seem to be missing. The
lack of interaction with and understanding of users needs with the various IU Home grown systems
including the very superficial data collected in FIS.
Overall, I am satisfied with the efforts IU is making to enhance the technology on campus. There are
always helpers and that’s great!!
Sometimes it takes too long for them to fix printers on my computer. I hate to have to take 2 hours of
out my day to have printer options fixed, when I have a ton of work to do.
The TIME website interface is awful. It's slow, cumbersome, error-prone, and not user-friendly in the
Voice Mail: WAY too complex to change status. Do like having messages come to my MS Exchange inbox
though. Anyway to attach "out of office" function from MS Exchange to VM status so it is one-step setup
when I'm out?
Keep up the good work!!
Whenever I call for phone service or help in a classroom with audio visual questions or need help, the
support staff for UITS and phone services are always able to help me or get me the help I need!!!
I don't use a lot of the IUPUI campus UITS facilities because I work with a lot of Clarian departments.
I feel employee OneStart support is not user friendly. It is hard to navigate and not straight forward.
OnCourse needs to go back to listing the name of the course instead of the number. Also, they need to
get rid of the picture and just go directly to the sign on window.
IU School of Dentistry maintains electronic health records, and network functionality without
interruptions is critical to our operations. Any improvements in connectivity would be greatly
appreciated. I know there are many factors involved, sometimes we are connecting through several
networks, but the electronic health record is a growing, key function, and we need to be able to support
it. Thanks for all you do!
In my department, RCA, the network is frequently down. Cutting and pasting from our various drives is
also slow.
IUIE is cumbersome and difficult to use.
The TIME system has multiple bugs in it, and it can freeze up. It is unreliable and very poorly designed. It
conveys no sense of trustworthiness for those of us who rely on it for their paychecks.
I work in a building located off campus, so cannot comment on many of these items.
It would be great if I didn't have to slow my dialing to accommodate the office phone!
Status updates on network repair requests would be nice.
People in UITS more accessible to contact when have a problem or question. Need to be able to talk to
someone sometimes instead of sending email.
In general, UITS is well thought of by me and my colleagues.
The search function really needs an improved algorithm or a change in the result sorting. It appears that
the search results return items too many levels down in a given site. For example, if I were looking for an
office within the School of Medicine and I searched for the full complete name, that office's website is
not one of the returned results; however, I will get documents either mentioning that office or created
by that office that may be 5 years old.
You all are doing a good job. I just would like to see a priority system put on the networking/repair data
jacks system.
Overall, I am impressed and satisfied with the services of UITS. The one-on-one direct technology
services of our School of Liberal Arts team is very noteworthy and efficient.
I am unsure as to if UITS has had a hand in my data jacks-I actually think that the jacks are 'Clarian'. (I
have an IU computer but Clarian internet.)It takes days to activate a jack. I waited from a Friday AM to
Monday PM for a jack to be switched on.
[IRD] for the surgical department is WONDERFUL!!! He is so quick to respond and has great results.
I'm wondering if the teleconferencing service referenced at 4-5555 is the same as the conferencing
system that we use at 4-3043 (which we are not satisfied with the customer service when calling in). We
have not used 4-5555. Thank you.
Too many decisions are made with insufficient faculty-staff input, although we are the ones who have to
live with those decisions. The ill-advised and poorly managed takeover of campus IT support staff is just
one example. Lack of input into the choice of learning management systems is another. While this
survey includes nothing about OnCourse CL, I have to say that UITS officials have made numerous
uninformed promises to deliver OnCourse functionality and services that never materialize (or
materialize only years later than promised). The entire UITS operation appears to be very disorganized;
the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. The organization lacks transparency and
accountability, despite consuming a huge portion of the university's budget.
SIS: Not always intuitive; inability to use browser back button and lack of one in SIS requires me to enter
same student's search data more than once to view different pages in her/his record. SIS needs to
display student's FULL name at top of page so staff user can make sure it's the correct student's record;
some decisions based on the records I am asked to look up can make or break a student's academic
future. NB: I rated my level of satisfaction with SIS under "Enterprise Software/General Functionality," as
I was not sure which type it was; it wasn't mentioned specifically in this survey.
Microsoft Outlook/Exchange: For some reason, since having my computer updated recently to 2007 and
VISTA from 2003 and XP, when I click on a Word document attached to an Outlook e-mail, only the
application opens, but not the document with it. I have to go back to the e-mail and click it again to
open the document. Annoying, and a waste of time.
Campus switchboard: Transfers calls to wrong numbers, and we get wrong numbers from people who
have consulted Outlook; it is too difficult to get Outlook Global Address Book updated.
Equipment: I REALLY could use a redial feature on my telephone desk set. The ringer volume, even set at
minimum, is too loud.
Telephone tech support: It would be helpful to have a user manual for this phone, but there isn't one;
granted, someone before me may have discarded it. Having one in the KB would be helpful; perhaps
there is, but I only just now thought to check there.
OneStart Employee View Paycheck: Pay advice does not print all of the information from Mozilla FireFox,
which is the browser I prefer for security reasons. To print pay advice, I must use Microsoft Explorer.
TIME: Synchronous is exasperating and gobbles employee time to clock in and out, hence also less
accurate. Asynchronous is a blessing. I ALWAYS have had difficulty doing the math on my timesheets;
now I don't have to, because TIME does it for me.
Printer: The printer in the UL staff lounge default spools to some public printer on the 3rd or 4th floor
instead of to the HP printer right on that desk in the staff lounge where the computer is; this needs to
be corrected.
JAGNEWS is the only medium I had heard of for getting UITS news.
E-mail consulting on issues such as spam, phishing attacks, etc., needs to be improved. When I have
forwarded such e-mails, it has been difficult to find out where to send them. This e-mail address needs
to be posted in a number of places and advertised on campus.
LISTSERV serves good purposes but is cumbersome for both moderators and members to join and unjoin
My alma maters are Georgia State University and Ball State University, and Indiana University, my
employer, has BY FAR the best academic software deals for students, staff, and faculty! When I was
finishing graduate school at Ball State recently, I bought my software here at work for that reason.
More accessibility.
Don't know why departments cannot contact telephone services (COMMREQ) themselves any longer
and have to go through IT for services.
Increased/better BES (blackberry) support is needed. IU Employees calling UITS for help are not allowed
to speak to a BES admin which makes troubleshooting very difficult.
Areas of frustration:
* website search tool is awful; it is much more reliable to use Google or yahoo.
* helpdesk can be frustrating when you are sent to several different 'specialists' who cannot diagnose a
problem. This has happened several times in the past year.
* It would be very effective to have a faculty/staff section of the IU website that lists all necessary
websites and directories that we may need. Right now, we can waste quite a bit of time trying to find a
specific department website.
The operators carelessly transfer callers. Receive many calls from applicants or employees who have
been bounced from one line to the next.
The response time to activate data jacks or phone lines is too long. We have found that it takes 3 - 4
weeks to get anything done and often it is not done on the date that we are given. This needs to
improve as it is affecting our ability to operate when new employees join our organization or if we move
existing employees to new locations.
UITS does an amazing job! Keep up the great work!
Tough job given a multi campus decentralized structure.
Am satisfied.
If possible shorten the log-in process for OneStart. Also most mornings it takes at least 4 to 5 attempts
before I can clock-in to TIME.
Would like for the email directory to be updated more often.
Our work would be so much easier if we could get new employees email systems up and running before
the hire Edoc has been finalized. Especially faculty since they paperwork and hire Edoc may take over a
week to get finalized. Many of our faculty are clinicians and must access patient information and cannot
do that without this access.
I find it difficult to retrieve articles needed to research/support projects in my unit. While doing this
survey, I realized that I was unaware of all the services UITS offers.
Doing well!
Well done, thank you!
Keep up the good work!!
I love it! Keep up the good work!
The Telephone servicing area for repair and phone books needs extensive improvement. Placed order
for service on 2/12/10 and had to send second email on 3/2/10 before getting someone to come check
for problem and repair. Person was not knowledgeable about TDD hearing impaired taking order, and
repair person didn't know how to place the part on the phone receiver.
People soft stinks!
I love it that when I have trouble connecting through VPN from home, I can call and get a live person to
walk me through the steps. The people who have helped me have always been polite and professional
and never made me feel stupid. I also like the IUWare website, and the slashtmp website.
I think overall, UITS does a great job of providing excellent services, cutting edge technology, and
communication of available services. UITS rocks!
Graduate Open Text Responses
- Onestart: I think there are a lot of links and tabs that impairs the usability of the portal.
- Software prices at IUWare: Some software packages are too expensive, e.g., Matlab.
- I'm not sure if there is such a service already but it would be wonderful to let students borrow software
for their research purposes such as installing Matlab on their personal computer and using it through
the university license by some sort of connection mechanism.
IU Knowledge Base is extremely helpful and all the IT services are par excellence.
The two times I needed help from the technical support staff at two different labs, the staff saved me!
Also, the hours of operation make it possible to satisfy everyone's needs.
Please give graduate students a printing allotment like you do the undergraduates.
Quality of vicom feed has been poor at times.
Good job.
I think UITS may consider installing some Chinese software in the computers, such as Chinese input
software. That will be more convenient for Chinese students to search information.
I have graduated and cannot stop getting the emails.
Improve OnCourse and angel compatibility with Mac operating systems. Improve wireless signal
throughout campus. Improve repair time for broken hardware in computer labs and libraries.
I have been a part of some great improvements over the past seven years I have been here. They have
helped in great amounts.
The OnCourse and OneStart are hard to navigate through. I think making them simpler and easier to find
classes/course work etc would be helpful.
It takes a very long time for the computers to load up in the research labs.
Navigation in some of the Enterprise systems (like OnCourse and OneStart) is clunky. Increasing service
reliance on the network without increasing network availability is asking for trouble. Security,
redundancy, and availability in our infrastructure is a laughable afterthought, but unfortunately isn't
that way because the talent isn't there.
Please give students the option of using an email client other than Exchange. It is a very slow, awkward
interface, that requires multiple clicks (and slowly loading pages with each click!) to complete even the
simplest tasks. I am very dissatisfied with the requirement of using exchange. I much preferred the
Umail/Imail options that were available when I was an undergrad at IUB.
Mail is often something that would be best to send out once a year to every student with the real useful
details like a map where you can use the wireless signal. A better to access map of campus and a very
detailed parking map that is easier to read. Also, how do you get your laptop registered to use on
I take my courses off campus and really have not used IT services oncampus. My daughter is an
undergrad student, and I know has been pleased with the IT services on campus. She has called them a
couple of times for help with online services with her laptop.
OnCourse is down too often, major cookie/security issues with OneStart. Need OnCourse mobile access.
Computer labs are really frustrating-especially BS100 in the Business/SPEA Building. The printer always
breaks and it takes forever for it to be fixed. Multiple times I have had to print off assignments on
Saturday mornings for my Saturday class and the printer is broken. The computer lab on the 3rd floor
doesn't open until 10am on Saturdays and the library doesn't open until 8:00am. This is frustrating
because I cannot print off my assignments before my 8am Saturday class. I can see that my technology
fee is not being using towards maintaining the computer lab printers.
My problems with the IU Exchange e-mail system come from a lack of accessibility - while Gmail and
yahoo e-mails come in on my blackberry, I can't get IU e-mails there, which significantly limits my access.
As a distance learner taking all online courses, I have found the services such as OnCourse, OneStart,
IUWare, and Knowledge Base to be pretty intuitive. I still struggle a bit with OneStart (finding what I am
looking for, remembering what steps to go through to register, etc.) but part of this could be the lack of
frequent use. Overall, I am satisfied with the UITS.
As a first year student, I found the registration process confusing. Figuring out the process and how to
work through it was not as easy as I thought it should be. Maybe I needed a big #1, #2, etc. to help me
understand the steps.
Thank you! IUB & IUPUI offer premiere resources!
I wish there was more training on how to use antivirus software and how to protect your computer from
viruses and how to maintain your computer and keep it running smoothly. Thanks.
I am an online student and have been for 2 1/2 years. I consistently have issues with OnCourse - kicks
me out frequently, does not save posts and the chat room could be updated with something similar to
Adobe Connect. It is not a user friendly program.
New wireless networking huge improvement.
Register drop/add is a pain in the butt.
Determining text books is a pain in the butt. Both processes(on-line) are very cumbersome.
The system to register for classes is extremely difficult to use. It is not user-friendly and very confusing.
The Library search engines for literature reviews is very cumbersome. I often find the document
(abstract only) I want on Google Scholar and then try to find the document on the library web so I can
review the entire article. Even when I know what I want, it is difficult to locate.
OnCourse seems to have problems at the end of each semester. Otherwise if functions very well.
Computers spread around campus (not in labs) are very slow. Even if you just need to quickly check
email, they are very slow. The lab computers work extremely well.
While there is encouragement for instructors to rely on OnCourse even more, it is so cumbersome to
work with. It is slow, unreliable and unpredictable. The discussion forum is very cumbersome,
attachments are slow to open and if OnCourse is the way; it needs overhauling.
For when I have used them, they have been great!
I would like if there were more space allocated (to staff, for work related use) on shared servers.
Actually haven't heard of quite a few of those services
Generally great -- better strength of wireless access would be a nice improvement. Sometimes even
within campus buildings at seemingly central locations the IU Secure signal can be very low and can
shuffle off. Other than that, the computing services are very good.
Thank you for making distance learning not only possible but easy and enjoyable!
THE IU-INDY Law School needs black and white printing, just like the rest of campus!!!
On OnCourse, on the unread messages (on the right side) can you make an option to list the title of the
course instead of the site?
1. Would be very helpful if I could access e-mails through outlook off campus.
2. Many articles are not available online through the library. One has to buy them through interlibrary
system. Ideally, the number of subscriptions should increase. If not available, at least the service of
interlibrary loan should be provided for free to the faculty and students.
Thanks for providing some support for Linux, especially on the KB -- that's been really helpful for me in
setting up basic UITS connectivity and services on my Linux notebook system.
Please stop forcing everyone to switch to passphrases. It's horrible to have to type a long phrase EVERY
time we want to log in to a campus system. I know it's supposedly more secure, but the fact is that some
of us bothered to set up really strong passwords at the beginning and have no reason to fix what's not
broke. Furthermore, some of us might even consider changing our passwords except that we can't stand
the thought of the mile-long passphrase we'd be required to create. I know that I'm talking to a brick
wall on this issue, but I might as well add my name to the list of users who would prefer a more
common-sense approach to security. At the very least, please stop harassing us to change our
passphrase every time we log in to CAS -- that's incredibly annoying.
Please add a version-control feature to files on OnCourse. It's really frustrating when two or more of us
download a document, modify it, then upload a new version and save over each other's changes.
Let all students know about all these services.
The OneStart pages are not very intuitive as far as getting to registering for classes and such.
Undergraduate Open Text Responses
I hope you are able to renew your contract with It is very useful.
The survey is poorly elaborated; there are many areas where that needed more in depth information in
order to make an accurate response. Also, the survey is visually unappealing, which made it really
tempting to abandon it. Several questions were poorly elaborated and the options given included
specific items that in my opinion had different satisfaction levels, into a single option.
One of the things I find frustrating is I have to look in two completely different places to find the course
description and the course meeting dates. When you look up a course it should show all its info.
I like the new addition of being able to find open computer labs and info stations on campus including
how many computers are open and where they are located. Print allocations are an absolute necessity
and I am very happy that they have been added to our JagTags.
I prefer to check my primary account only because I hate being on the comp. If possible, I like my Imail
acct to be forwarded to my primary acct. I love OnCourse and OneStart, and find them very useful
however I do not use much more than those 2 sites.
When it comes to computers, computer services, networking, hardware and software, IU needs to get a
good look at what ball state is doing because I have been quite disappointed since I transferred over. I
don’t know if the problem is that IU's computer services are underfunded or what it is but it could
definitely use a makeover.
The 24 hour IT lab is the only place to go after hours on campus. There isn't enough room to setup your
own laptop on a table or chair.
I'd like a 'back' button on the survey. The stand-alone email terminals are hit or miss; I've used a few
that allowed me to log in but froze after that. Everything else is great!
I am so basic into computers, I don't even know where to start. I would like to have someone tell me
where I can go so that I can learn a bit more about my computer.
Good Job!!! Keep it up.
The color printers being $1/page is too expensive.
You can't copy and paste anything from Word into OnCourse forums without all that java script (or
whatever) preceding the typing.
Computers boot slowly but are otherwise great. Call in help is always helpful. I can almost always get
access wirelessly. I haven't figured out how to get emails less frequently from UITS. Overall, doing a
great job.
Sometimes when OnCourse is unstable, it creates a lot of stress if you have a deadline and it crashes.
UITS email updates provide useful information. I am also satisfied with efficiency of U-mail.
The online timeclock runs too slow sometimes and goes down too often.
I am very pleased with how comprehensive IU/IUPUI's technology services are. Thank you!
I know it's not IUPUI's fault, but I was very frustrated when my computer's hard drive crashed and died.
After buying a new hard drive (no data could be recovered) I went to put windows 7 on, but you have to
have an existing OS for it to work, so I had to buy TWO operating systems when I only wanted one.
That's all.
Just keep on doing what you are doing.
The software and hardware discounts are extremely helpful in getting the programs and products a
student needs in order to excel at the university level.
IUWare on line makes getting software needed very easy for student!
OneStart is hard to navigate. I have trouble finding what I want.
Provide better online help as well as connecting to the IUPUI campus network while on campus. I have
yet to connect using my laptop.
OnCourse is down often, as I am sure you are aware, and this bothers me more than anything. I also get
frustrated when I cannot clock in or out at work because the system is down. Just frustrating; that's all,
but overall...I'm pretty satisfied! :)
When I bought Windows 7 from the bookstore. I could not believe when I tried to install it on a fresh
clean hard drive it was an upgrade version. Even though you can still boot the CD to make it a fresh
version. Many people might have not known it was an upgrade version till they have already bought it
and installed it. I think people need to be informed about it being an upgrade disk. When I bought Vista
from the bookstore I paid the same price for the upgrade version of Windows 7.
It would be nice to have more than 2 computers available with the software necessary for the chemistry
If they weren't there as they exist now, my life at this university would be very aggravating. I appreciate
all of the magical things they do with computers every day. Thank you.
I still have problems every time I use my laptop in SL building every Monday and Wed. In which that is
my English class and I need the search function to find information.
Any time I have emailed UITS the replies have always been prompt and helpful, Thank you.
The computer keyboards and mice need to be cleaned in the Engineering Technology computer labs.
They are pretty gross and might spread illness in the winter months.
I think the amount of pages a student can print should be increased to possibly 800 because more and
more teachers have PowerPoint presentations that are lengthy and are required to print for every class,
and those pages add up.
The free printing paper is great. I never have had a problem with anything to do with UITS. Everyone
that I ever call is courteous and knowledgeable. UITS is great!
Remote Login never works for me since I switched to Windows 7.
Doing great job.
The people at the desk are very helpful.
I am a systems analyst in my day life. I am pretty self reliant, and have not needed help from the IT staff.
I will say that I am very dissatisfied with OnCourse though. The problems I see may be solved with
increased instructor and professor training. It has seemed to me that the instructors create their
OnCourse environments so differently that it becomes confusing for most students.
Just make it around to all the buildings more often to update software and meet the concerns of the
students. There are computers all over that have silly quirks, that some people even know how to fix but
are restricted from access.
A lot of the computers do not have audio output in the library, and some of them have not had a flash
Searching for and registering for classes is awful. The school I went to before IUPUI used blackboard, you
should check it out.
Please look into the connectivity problems with Remote Access onto the IUPUI campus computers.
Having numerous problems with this in Feb & March 2010.
I really like the available programs on IUWare, but I did not get the chance to download anything yet.
I don't think that there are enough computer stations available. It seems like whenever I need one the
most, there are none available. Also, I think there should be print stations in every building, and I don't
believe that there are currently. I could be wrong though. Otherwise, the UITS services that I have used
have been very satisfactory.
I think that the services provided by IUPUI are great and very useful. Park Place needs better Internet
that doesn't slow or crash!
I have my OnCourse email forwarded to my Umail account but it won't allow me to open the links from
UITS is the shit.
I do not extensively use UITS. However, the little I have used seems very straight forward. I asked one
question of UITS (by email) and I received a prompt and clear answer. It's was just what I would hope
for. Thanks.
Keep up the good work!
I really dislike the program that is used to sign up for classes. It is not very intuitive and I seem to
struggle when I try to sign up... did I sign up for something that I was not suppose to... did I get in... I did
not understand wait list. What classes do I need? I cannot seem to get the information out of it. I could
go on but no idea on the space I have left.
I've noticed the wireless access has certain 'dead zones' in classrooms. It's not even the whole
classroom, but maybe just one section of it. You may want to look into that? Otherwise, thanks for all
the hard work!
Update your computer images more often.
Leave the taskbar on top of other windows and lock the taskbar.
Remove Windows Search 4.0: It constantly indexes.
Please update FireFox.
Sort All Programs by Name.
Wireless on the 4th floor of the University Library sometimes does not work/will not connect.
Thank you for allowing a certain amount of pages per semester, free of charge, to students.
I am very happy with the speed and access via WIFI on campus.
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