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The Concept of Management and the Mission of a Manager.
Management is a very exciting and rewarding career. Career in management offers status, interesting work and the
satisfaction of working closely with other people.
Management includes the processes of functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling.
Management helps businesses focus on setting and meeting goals efficiently and effectively so that a profit can be
All organizations need good managers to guide their operations to achieve the best possible results.
Most managers carry out four different functions of management: planning, organizing and staffing, leading and
Planning is the act or process of creating goals.
Organizing allows managers to lead and control employees and activities to get work done.
Leading means providing directions and vision. A manager has to create a vision of the company to inspire his
employees. Resolving conflicts between workers is also a leading task.
Controlling involves measuring how the business performs to ensure that financial and operational goals are met.
In large organizations managers work in a variety of areas. The major ones are: operations, human resources,
finance and marketing.
Operations managers are responsible for production control, inventory control, quality control, plant layout and site
Human resources managers are responsible for human resource planning, recruiting and selecting employees,
training and development, designing compensation and benefits systems, and formulating performance appraisal
Financial managers deal with the financial resources of the organizations. They are responsible for such activities as
accounting, cash management and investments.
Marketing managers are responsible for getting customer and clients to buy organization’s products or services.
They develop the business marketing strategy, set prices and work closely with advertising and publicity personnel
to see that products are promoted adequately.
In conclusion we can say that management is both a science and an art. And a good manager is not just a technician,
but a person who is able (no matter at what level in a company) to plan, organize, staff, coordinate, motivate, lead
and control.
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