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Lesson 3
Task 1. Закончи предложения, вставляя him / her / them (Ответы занесите в бланк
1. I don’t know those girls. Do you know them? (пример)
2. I don’t know that man. Do you know …?
3. I don’t know David’s wife. Do you know …?
4. I don’t know Mr. Stevens. Do you know …?
5. I don’t know those people. Do you know …?
6. I don’t know Sarah’s parents. Do you know …?
7. I don’t know the woman with the black coat. Do you know …?
Task 2. Напиши предложения, начиная их с I like …, I don’t like… или Do you like …? и
используя личные местоимения в объектном падеже. (Ответы занесите в бланк
Пример: I don’t eat tomatoes. I don’t like them.
1. George is a very nice man. I like ___________.
2. This jacket isn’t very nice. I don’t like ________.
3. This is my new car. Do ______________________?
4. Mrs. Clark is not very friendly. I ____________________.
5. These are my new shoes. ______________________________?
Task 3. Посмотри на древо семьи Стивенсон. Допиши в предложения местоимения his
/ her / their. (Ответы занесите в бланк ответов)
Пример: I saw Liz with her husband, Philip.
1. I saw Ann and Ted with ______ children.
2. I saw Ted with ____ wife, Ann.
3. I saw George with ______ brother, Bill.
4. I saw Ann with _____ brother, Bill.
5. I saw Liz and Philip with _____ son, Bill.
6. I saw Ann with _____ parents.
7. I saw Diana and Robert with _____
Task 4. Вставьте нужное притяжательное местоимение (местоимениеприлагательное). (Ответы занесите в бланк ответов)
1. Do you like ____ job?
2. I know Mr. Watson but I don’t know _____ wife.
3. Mr. and Mrs. Baker live in London. _____ son lives in Australia.
4. I like tennis. It’s _____ favourite sport.
5. I want to phone Ann. Do you know ______ phone number?
6. This is a beautiful tree. _____ leaves are a beautiful colour.
7. We’re going to have a party. We’re going to invite all _____ friends.
Task 5.
Допиши предложения, вставляя нужное притяжательное местоимение
(местоимение - существительное). (Ответы занесите в бланк ответов)
Пример: It’s your money. It’s yours.
1. It’s my bag. It’s ________.
2. It’s our car. It’s ________.
3. They‘re her shoes. They’re _________.
4. It’s their house. It’s ________.
5. They’re your books. They’re _________.
6. They’re my glasses. They’re _________.
7. It’s his coat. It’s ________.
Task 6.
Выбери правильный вариант. (Ответы занесите в бланк ответов)
Пример: It’s their / theirs problem, not our / ours.
1. This is a nice camera. Is it your / yours?
2. That’s not my / mine umbrella. My / Mine is black.
3. Whose books are these? Your / Yours or my / mine?
4. Catherine is going out with her / hers friends this evening.
5. My / Mine room is bigger than her / hers.
6. They’ve got two children but I don’t know their / theirs names.
7. Can we use your washing machine? Our / Ours is broken.
Task 7. Puzzles. Отгадай загадки. (Ответы занесите в бланк ответов)
2. What year lasts
only one day?
1. In what forests are
there no birds and
3. What runs without
4. Two listen and two
look. What are they?
5. What is it that a
cat has and no other
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