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Division of Communication
Terms of Reference for Consultants and Contractors
Contract No.
1) Rationale and context of the assignment: Under the overall direction of Digital Strategy/DOC Head of Web,
the Senior Web Project Manager will accomplish the following objectives:
 Successfully plan, coordinate, produce and execute web projects in line with UNICEF’s communication
 Coordinate all project participants from vendors to DOC managers and other stakeholders;
 Provide additional project tracking, co-ordination and reporting for supervisor and section as required.
 At the discretion of the Head of Web, manage work streams during surge periods for the Digital
Transformation Project.
2) Scope of Work: Same as above
3) Responsibilities:
 Analyse user requirements, scope projects and prepare project proposals/scope of work and cost estimates
for Digital Strategy platform projects, especially web;
 Act as the project focal point for all activities related to the web renewal project;
 Develop terms of reference (TORs), RFPs, project plans, monitor actual project status against plans and
conduct risk analysis and mitigation when necessary; report project status to supervisors and project
stakeholders; coordinate reviews with stakeholders;
 Liaise between vendors and UNICEF project team on project planning and execution;
 Provide regular activity reports on project status, verbally, in presentations or on paper, as required;
 Co-ordinate the implementation of project plans with supervising staff to ensure adequate human and other
resources are appropriately provided;
 Co-ordinate the development of prototypes and testing models, as required;
 Present, answer questions, and provide documentation to vendors and stakeholders;
 Maintain project documentation;
 Co-ordinate logistics of meetings with vendors, documenting outcomes and agreements and action points;
 Participate in vendor and software selection processes ensuring due diligence as per UNICEF procurement
procedures and under the guidance of DOC (with ITSSD);
 Co-ordinate with other project managers and project owners to maintain and update Digital Strategy project
master list;
 Establish tools and processes for project and resource management for the project team;
 Support training of Digital Strategy team on effective use of developed web project methodology processes;
 Advise project owners on new technology industry standards, best practices and benchmarks based on
expertise and available business intelligence;
 May be asked to work on weekends;
 May be asked to travel;
 Perform other duties as may be assigned.
4) Deliverables, Delivery dates, Costs and Timeframe, Details of how the work must be delivered (pls add lines
if space is insufficient)
• Delivery dates as per each project schedule
(TBD) on projects
• Outputs reviewed on an on-going basis as
5) Duty Station: On-site, NYHQ
(Estimated #
of days)
Amount payable
(US$) breakdown
6) Travel: N/A
7) Supervisor and timeframes for reviewing milestones and performance: Head of Web, Digital Strategy/DOC.
Reviews conducted every 6 months and at the end of contract.
8) Performance indicators for evaluation of results:
 Standard UNICEF Performance Evaluations conducted every 6 months and at end of contract.
 Timely delivery of deliverables and adherence to timeline and set deadlines.
9) Qualifications or specialized knowledge/ experience required:
 Experienced in technology and creation of websites; web-savvy is an absolute requirement
 Prior project management experience working on website/software development projects
 Degree or certification in Project Management a plus
 Experience working on enterprise-level web projects with localisation and multiple users and groups
 Experience working with various project management methodologies.
 Experience producing multimedia and/or video projects a plus
 Experience working with content management a plus
 Must have strong people skills and be a good diplomatic communicator
 Must be very well organized and detail oriented
 Experience with work in a non-profit organization a plus
10) Payment Terms: Monthly submission of invoices paid in USD.
UNICEF recourse in case of unsatisfactory performance:
Payment will only be made for work satisfactorily completed and accepted by UNICEF.
Section Chief
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