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Английский язык. 8 класс. Диагностическая работа

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Английский язык. 8 класс. Диагностическая работа № 2. Демоверсия (90 минут)
Тексты для аудирования
Сейчас Вы будете выполнять задания по аудированию. Каждый текст прозвучит 2 раза.
После первого и второго прослушивания у Вас будет время для выполнения и проверки
заданий. Все паузы включены в аудиозапись. Остановка и повторное воспроизведение
аудиозаписи не предусмотрены.
Задания 1–4
Вы два раза услышите четыре коротких текста. Для каждого текста предусмотрено одно
задание на понимание прослушанного. В заданиях 1–4 в поле ответа запишите одну
цифру, которая соответствует номеру правильного ответа. У вас есть 20 секунд, чтобы
ознакомиться с заданиями.
Now we are ready to start.
Text 1
Are you sure they are going to give us some lunch? I’m really hungry.
Don’t worry. As soon as we reach the altitude needed for the flight, they’ll offer us
drinks: tea, coffee, water or juice. And then you’ll get your plastic lunch tray.
You look so relaxed. Don’t you feel nervous?
Why should I? I often have to fly…If I worried each time, I would end up with a nervous
breakdown. …And…our tea’s coming…
Text 2
Excuse me but did I hear correctly? ... My train has just left and the next one will be in
three hours?
I’m sorry, sir, but that’s correct.
But what am I going to do here? Three hours – that’s loads of time! And I missed it
because my bus was late today. It’s not my fault!
Yes, sir, I understand you but I can’t get your train back. The only option to continue your
journey without delay is the taxi. You can find a taxi in front of the station.
The taxi costs a fortune. And I’ve already got a train ticket. Ok. I’d better wait for the next
Text 3
I was really lucky, you know. I was sure my suitcase was stolen and was heading to the entrance
when I heard the announcement. They said a red suitcase was found near the information office.
I was so happy to get it back. Look, here it is nice and shiny. Please, pull it carefully, I don’t
want it to get scratched or anything.
Text 4
Dear guests, I’m sorry for this delay, but there seems to be a traffic accident in front of us. Please
do not get out of the bus. I’ll find out from the police officer how soon we can move on and we’ll
go on with our excursion.
You have 20 seconds to complete the task. (Pause 20 seconds.)
Now you will listen to the dialogues again. (Repeat.)
This is the end of the task. You now have 20 seconds to check your answers.
(Pause 20 seconds.)
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Английский язык. 8 класс. Диагностическая работа № 2. Демоверсия (90 минут)
Задание 5
Вы два раза услышите пять высказываний, обозначенных буквами А, В, С, D, E.
Установите соответствие между высказываниями и утверждениями из следующего
списка: к каждому высказыванию подберите соответствующее утверждение,
обозначенное цифрами. Используйте каждое утверждение из списка 1–6 только один раз.
В задании есть одно лишнее утверждение. Запишите в таблицу выбранные цифры под
соответствующими буквами. У Вас есть 30 секунд, чтобы ознакомиться с заданием.
Now we are ready to start.
Speaker A
As a child I was fond of collecting stamps but when I was a teenager I changed to computer
games and mathematical puzzles. I also enjoyed reading and building mechanical models. At
college and university I was no longer fond of model building. I started photography. I travel a
lot and take photos of different places. It’s exciting and I think I’ll never give it up. But you
never know…
Speaker B
I think hobbies are very useful. First of all, they keep you occupied as there’s nothing more
harmful than wasting time when you don’t know what to do. Second, when you take up a hobby,
you learn something new. Collecting stamps or books, for example, encourages you to learn
more about the theme of your collection – anything, from exotic butterflies to the most famous
buildings all over the world.
Speaker C
In my free time I often read short stories and novels. I especially like detective stories by Agatha
Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle. Another thing I enjoy is following football. I know all about
the top players and leading teams. But perhaps my favorite pastime is playing chess. I usually
play on-line, although I do have a nice chess set at home for face-to-face games. And actually,
I’m quite a good player.
Speaker D
At high school I made my own website and a web page. I kept redesigning it including new
options and changing the interface. Some of my friends wanted to have their own web pages too.
Together we experimented with colours, animated effects, sounds and so on. Now I work as a
web designer and do practically the same. The only difference is that now I get good money for it.
Speaker E
I’ve been fond of computers since my early childhood. I don’t really remember when it began. I
spent most of my time playing online games and hanging about in chat rooms. I spent hours and
sometimes days online. I often pretended to be ill just to stay at home and get on the web.
Naturally, it affected my grades and my relationships with my parents and friends. I hate
recalling it, but my parents had to consult the doctor about my problem.
You have 30 seconds to complete the task. (Pause 30 seconds.)
Now you’ll hear the text again. (Repeat.)
This is the end of the task. You now have 20 seconds to check your answers.
(Pause 20 seconds.)
This is the end of the Listening Test.
Время, отведённое на выполнение заданий по аудированию, истекло.
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