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2.1 Human Resources Planning
To understand:
• Factors which affect the number of staff who are
recruited for an organisation
• How a business anticipates its recruitment needs.
• To understand recruitment within the context of
South Island School
How many staff should
South Island School employ?
Write down the factors you think affect how many
staff Mr Silverthorne employs each year.
Most valuable asset
• Employees are a businesses most valuable
• They often account for up to 80% of a
businesses spending
• Employing the right people helps a business
achieve its aims and objectives
How does a business anticipate its HR
• Historical data
• Sales and income levels
• Labour turnover rates
• Demographic changes
• Technological changes
Demographic changes
• Demographics is the study of the population characteristics
• A business needs to understand these changes and respond
appropriately. These changes can be affected by:
Net birth rate
Retirement age
Flexibility of the workforce
Mobility of labour
Rate of unemployment
Which of these can be
linked to the
recruitment of staff at
South Island School?
Workforce planning
• This is the process of anticipating current and
future demand for workers in an organisation
over the short or long term.
• Who should be covered in the short term
• Who should be considered in the long term?
Consider the above workforce planning in the context of South
Island School
Recruitment and Selection
• This is vital to the successful running of a
business, ensuring that the right people are
selected when a vacancy is identified
Identify the steps of the recruitment process
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