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Baja California
Through the eyes
of Ryan Phillips
Bahia Magdalena
Day One
The expanse of dunes were strangely hypnotic
to me. The rolling of the sand, the sparse flora.
It seemed so dead at first. But all around us I
saw the tracks of coyotes and rabbits, saw the
shells and bones of sea creatures. Life has a
strange way of sticking around, even here, in
this desert.
I am kneeling on the edge of the
zodiac, searching the plankton-rich
waters. A burst of air from the other
side brings me rushing over. It is there
I see them. The whales. These
creatures, no less than 20 feet long,
could have easily left us at the bottom
of the bay. But they don't. They play
with us, let us touch them, and overall
just have a fun time. Man and whale.
It was a beautiful harmony.
La Boca de Soledad
Day Two
Boca de Soledad and Hull
Day Three
Today will be our second time whale watching. It was not as exciting as yesterday, (the whales
seemed to go to everyone but us) but it was an amazing experience nonetheless. We got to
see the whales push the zodiacs around, almost like the toys. It is amazing how these massive
creatures don't tip us over. But they do not, and we return to the Sea Bird, exhausted and
ready for lunch.
San Jose del Cabo
Day Four
Today we went to San Jose Del Cabo, and
got to see many amazing things. First we
watched people blow glass, as well as
learned that we had a glassblower on the
ship. We then walked around the city,
looking at sculptures and artwork made
by Mexican artists. It was all quite
impressive. We also got to spot some
dolphins, which was and added treat, as
well as see some amazing birds.
Isla San Jose
Day Five
Today we get to go snorkeling! I love this,
mainly because it gives me a window
into a new world. All the different kinds
of fish, each their own spectrum of
colors, mesmerize me. But besides
snorkeling, I got to go kayaking, as well
as scare my grandmother when I
climbed the petrified sand
dunes up to this rock shelf
several dozen feet from
the beach. It’s great
being a teenager.
Los Islotes and
Espiritu Santo
Day Six
I thought snorkeling couldn't get better than today. After
a fun zodiac ride, we got to swim with sea lions! They
were extremely playful, and towards the end, me and my
dad had one follow us around everyone went. But was a
bit sad was the cord wrapped around its neck. Both me
and my dad tried to get it off, but the sea lion kept
moving. And honestly, I didn't want to get bitten. They
have some sharp teeth that mouth of theirs! Later, the
kids get to drive the zodiacs. I have only driven one twice
in my life so I'm pretty excited.
Today is the last day. After incredibly early
wake-up call and breakfast, we get on
buses to go to a animal rehab center in La
Paz. There, we saw a variety of animals
including reptiles, coyotes, and
chipmunks. I especially loved the young
coyote, however I was quite sad about
how small his living space was. Oh! I can't
forget about the pig!
That was a shock!
La Paz
Day Seven
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