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Nicole’s Adventures in Alaska
Day 1
This was my first day
in Alaska. I went to the
Raptor Center and
saw eagles, ravens,
owls, and many more
birds. We saw one
eagle up close. Her
name was Sitka. She
was named after the
city. She ate in front of
us and seemed really
gentle to her handler
This is Sitka the eagle up close.
Day 2
This is Cinnamon
the bear. I thought it
was a grizzly bear,
but I learned that it
was a brown bear,
and they aren’t the
same. This took
place on Baranof
Island, one of the
ABC Islands.
Day 2
These are
humpback whales.
They were
bubblenet feeding,
that is when whales
blow bubbles under
the water and attract
fish towards the
bubbles so the
whales can feed on
Day 3
On this day I saw a beautiful glacier. It was
John Hopkins glacier. On the other side you see an
iceberg. An iceberg has to be 15 feet or more to be
an iceberg. If it is not 15 feet, it’s a growder. A
growder is a small piece of ice. They call it a
growder because when a ship passes over it it goes
Day 4
This is a sea otter.
We saw him on our
DIB[inflatables] ride.
He was doing tricks
for us such as
somersaults and
flips. He rarely laid
down so this was a
rare sight for my
group. This was
personally one of my
favorite days.
Day 5
These are bear bones
my group found on
Chichagof Island. I
picked up the long one
you see in the middle, it
felt weird and disgusting
to pick up a bone from a
dead animal but it was
also cool knowing that
this might have been a
small bear or a big bear.
It might have been the
biggest bear in the
woods. It was still
awesome knowing I
picked up a bear bone.
Day 5
On the left you see me in our room. It was the biggest bedroom on the
ship. Anyway I went on a bush whacking hike with one of our guides,
Bette Lu. It was so fun, but I ran into a lot of devils club [which I will talk
about next]. You’re probably wondering why i’m making such an awkward
face. Well it is our families signature face, we call it the Busby face. I do
admit, it is the most weird and creepy face I can make, but don’t be
scared it means I like you, and it is funny to look at too.
Day 5
This is Devils club[which
I mentioned earlier]. It
has thorns on the
bottom of it. This one
was practically over 1
foot long, it was the
biggest one I could find
so I took a picture. I saw
a patch of devils club I
could just tell that it had
over 100 thorns on the
stem of it. They were
the sharpest things i’ve
ever seen in my life
time. They were sort of
scary to run into.
Personally I hated them.
Day 6
This is me in
Petersburg. On this
day I went on a walk
on the dock with
another guide named
Carlos. He said the
water in Petersburg
never freezes, I found
that very interesting. I
saw a speed bump
and my grandma
pointed out the speed
bump sign, and said
‘’That sign says
fartsdemper’’. This
was a very fun day.
My Conclusion
I know what your thinking, a conclusion page from day 5 well this was my ship
the Sea Bird and it looked like a good conclusion page. This was a journey of a
lifetime. Did you know people say if you come to Alaska as a child you be
spoiled for life. Anyway back to what I was saying, this is a journey I will never
foreget. I will remember the people I met there, the wonderful caring they
provided to me. I will always have the Alaska air against my face. The
memories I will take with me everywhere I go. I will take my children there most
certainly. Sincerely, Nicole Josephine Busby.
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