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Carla Peterson, President Elect ADRP
International Blood Safety Forum, March 20, 2015
A Global Network Dedicated to SHARING Information to Improve the
Recruitment of Donors Worldwide Year-Round
ADRP Mission Statement
ADRP educates and empowers professionals
who are committed to donor recruitment,
donor experience and donor management by
providing a forum for networking,
professional development and
resource sharing.
ADRP Position on Volunteer Blood
ADRP is in full support of The World Health Organization’s (WHO) goal for all
countries to obtain all blood supplies from voluntary unpaid donors by 2020
in accordance with World Health Assembly resolution 28.72, which was
adopted in 1975.
In 2013 ADRP adopted a position statement regarding this issue which
The Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals (ADRP) encourages all blood
services to support donors and donor groups through education and discourages the
use of any incentive or reward for blood donors or donor groups that could potentially
compromise the safety of the world’s blood supply. Such consideration is particularly
important in an environment in which competition exists between 2 or more blood
services and in which the prospect of escalating reward programs is possible.
International Partnerships
• ADRP Global Committee member, working with the blood center in Chihauhua,
Mexico has trained donor recruitment staff, and partnered with Global Blood Fund
to help deliver buses for blood collection.
• This improvement and it’s strategies and positive results were shared at the ISBT
Congress in Cancun, Mexico in 2013, in hopes to interest others to make similar
changes to programs.
International Partnerships
• In September 2014 ADRP leadership participated as panelists in the 1st European
Conference on Donor Health and Management in the Netherlands.
• In November 2014 ADRP leadership presented for the first time at the Chinese
Society of Blood Transfusion semi Annual Congress.
• On five occasions ADRP has sent speakers and trainers to China to help support
their requests for learning about blood donor recruitment strategies.
• ADRP is also working with Chinese leadership to potentially schedule an ADRP
conference in China.
ADRP - Online
The ADRP website has a translation tab where someone
can choose their preferred language.
There are 92 languages in the selection list.
When someone becomes a member of ADRP they are
issued login information.
Resources - Online
Resources - Online
Resources - Publications
Education - Conference
Education - Conference
Denver, Colorado April 22-24, 2015
Conference Sessions:
• Recruitment and Collections Basics: Recruiting Blood Type Specific; Automated
Collections; Youth or Minority Recruitment
• Management Focus: Coaching, Cost Management, Negotiating, Disaster
Management, Emerging Issues of Healthcare Reform, Team Motivation and
Production Planning
• Specialty Focus: International Summit, Telerecruitment, National System Issues
• Communications: Social Media, Marketing, Public Relations, Media Training
Education - Webinars
Upon request, ADRP
can deliver webinar
sessions on desired
topics to any blood
service in the world.
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