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Think it doesn’t matter
which processor you choose?
Think again.
It’s your business. It’s your money.
It matters.
Choose the processor you can trust. Look for:
A reputable company with a proven history
Someone who answers the phone when you call
and gets your issues resolved quickly
A visible association with a bank
Honesty and transparency with contracts and
A clear PCI DSS compliance program to protect
your cardholder data
Choose Signapay
In business since 1995
Processes more than $10 billion annually for
more than 100,000 businesses like yours
Sponsored by Harris Bank, N.A. and
Meridian Bank, N.A.
More than 150 service-based employees
24/7 Customer Support
Process All Payments
With Signapay, you never turn down a payment
Credit cards
Check Card
Debit cards
Gift Cards
Electronic check conversion
Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)
Get Front-of-the-Line Access
to the best processing products
Process on your existing equipment or choose from
one our complete inventory:
Terminals from Dejavoo, Hypercom, Verifone, Ingenico
Wireless solutions from AirCharge, SecurePay, Way
Mobile processing from any cell phone
Proprietary gateways
Industry-specific POS solutions for all verticals,
including AccuPOS
Access Working Capital
Signapay’s Cash Advance Program
Deposits up to $250,000 directly to your bank account
in as little as three days
Requires limited paperwork and no personal guarantees
or collateral
Lets you use your advance for any purpose you choose:
• expansion, payroll, advertising, inventory, emergency
Automatically deducts a small, fixed percentage of your
daily credit card receipts until advance is satisfied
Stay on Top of Your Processing
Only Signapay gives you VIMAS technology, with
any time, anywhere access to your processing
Daily deposits
Transaction Summary Reports
Retrievals and Chargeback
Monthly Statements
Stay in Touch with your Processor
Vimas makes it simple to get issues resolved:
Automatic emails to product and service
V+ messaging sends alerts
you specify to your email
or cell phone
Vimas Tracking shows the status of any issue and
its resolution
Everything you expect +
Everything you need
Think it doesn’t matter which processor you choose?
If you want
A well-known company with a proven history backed by
2 esteemed bank sponsors
Access to all the latest processing equipment
Local service you can rely on 24/7
Unmatched value-added products and services
Choose Signapay.
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