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Vocational Rehabilitation
A service of the
Georgia Department of Labor
• Georgia Citizens with Disabilities and
Business have been profiting from the
services of V.R. since 1920
• The Vocational Rehabilitation Program
provides services to persons with
disabilities that enable individuals to enter
or return to the work force.
The Vocational Rehabilitation Program provides
core and intensive services under the Workforce
Investment Act.
However, Vocational Rehabilitation provides
these services only to the target population which
is individuals with disabilities.
Who is eligible for our services?
• In order to meet our eligibility, you must meet
the following criteria:
– Must have a permanent disability
– Must be a legal Georgia resident
– Must be able to benefit from our services in terms
of a vocational outcome
– Must require our services to prepare for, enter,
engage in, or retain gainful employment
What does V.R. do?
• Our main purpose is to assist people with
disabilities in obtaining and maintaining
• We offer a wide variety of services to aid
people in gaining employment and keeping
their jobs.
• We also offer services to employers in the
Counseling and Guidance
Psychological and Vocational Evaluations
Physical and Mental Restoration
Post Secondary Training
Job Readiness Assessment
Job Readiness Training
Job Analysis
Job Modification
Job Accommodation
Rehabilitation Technology
Services for Employers
• Pre-screening of qualified applicants
• Assistance in helping current employees retain
their jobs after becoming disabled
• Accessibility Surveys for ADA Compliance
• Assistance in utilizing the Work Opportunity Tax
Credit (WOTC)
• ADA Informational Consulting
• Services are provided at no cost to the business
• Work Opportunity Tax Credit (All clients
with a Work Plan are Automatically
• On-The Job Training (Half the Trainee’s
Wages - Training Period)
• Supported Employment: Job Coaching
Disability Awareness
ADA(Americans with Disabilities Act)
Accessibility Surveys
Job Development
Job Placement and Follow-UP
Additional Services
• Assistive Work Technology (AWT)
– Provides hi-tech and low-tech solutions for
workplace, home, and school problems
– Solutions are often free or relatively
– Consultations are provided at no cost to the
client, business, school
V.R. Unit Team
E m p loym en t
M an ag er
A c c ou n t
R ep res en tatives
C ou n selors
G en eral
P rog ram
A ssistan ts
W ork
P rep aration
Tec h n ic ian
General Counselors
• Purpose is to provide services to
individuals with disabilities in Georgia to
achieve competitive employment.
Transition Counselors
• Work with Georgia’s youth with disabilities
in the high school setting.
• They assist high school students with
disabilities to transition into employment.
Services for Clients
• Assist with application and evaluation of
– Rehabilitation Counselors are trained to help
with the application for services and make the
determination of eligibility for V.R. services.
• Counseling and guidance
– Our Rehabilitation Counselors assist people in
choosing a career path and help them develop a
plan for obtaining their goals
Services for Clients (cont.)
• Job Placement
– Counselors can arrange for intensive job
placement assistance for their clients.
• Additional Skills Training
– We can also provide On-The-Job Traning and
Work Adjustment Training through the services
offered by our community partners
Program Assistants
• Purpose is to meet the clerical and
accounting needs of our customers
Rehab. Job Readiness Tech.
• Purpose is to provide Job Readiness
Assessment, Job Readiness Training and
Individual Drivers Ed. Training.
Rehab. Employment Specialist
• Purpose is to meet the needs of Business
and V.R. clients by providing personal
individual “one-on-one” services.
Unit Manager
• Purpose is to coordinate V.R. Team in
providing services to customers.
There are 12 VR Regions in
N.W. Georgia is Region #1
There are 5 VR units (i.e. teams)
in Region 1
Rome (2 units)
Dallas Unit Serves 3 Counties
Haralson, Paulding, & Polk
101 Bainbridge Way, Ste. 300, Dallas, GA 30132 (770) 443-3717
Allan J. Whitehead, Unit Manager
Dallas Unit Items
• Has an office at the West Central Technical
College Career Center to provide VR
• Serves as D.O.L. office for Paulding County
(services provided by the Cartersville
Career Center)
• Has an office at the Cedartown Career
Center to provide VR services
Dalton Unit Serves 4 Counties
Whitfield, Murray, Gilmer, &
1615 Hickory St., Ste. 106, Dalton, GA 30720 / (706) 272-2303
Judy Salvaras, Unit Manager
Dalton Unit Items
• Has an office at the Blue Ridge Career
• Also has staff that provide services at the
Dalton one-stop center.
LaFayette Unit serves Catoosa,
Chattooga, Dade, & Walker
202 W. Villanow St., LaFayette, GA 30728 / Telephone 706-638-5536
Ed James, Unit Manager
LaFayette Unit Notes
• Has staff that provide services at the
Northwest Georgia Career Center in Fort
Oglethorpe, Georgia.
• This office is located within the same
building as the LaFayette Career Center.
Rome (2 Units) serves Bartow,
Floyd, Gordon, & Pickens
450 Riverside Parkway,
Suite 200
Rome, GA 30161-2942
Telephone 706-295-6400
or 1-800-546-6401
Rome has two units!
• The two unit managers are:
• Tony Hyder (serving Bartow, Floyd, &
• Brian Spillers (serving Floyd, Gordon, and
the deaf/hearing impaired in region1)
Rome Unit Notes
• Has an office at the Cartersville Career
• Provides services at the Gordon County
DFACS office in Calhoun, Georgia
V.R. Facility within Region 1!
The Cave Spring Rehabilitation Center
Post Office Box 303, Cave Spring, GA 30124
Telephone: (706) 777-1770 or 1776
Mr. Joe Holcombe, Director
Programs at CSRC
Employment Readiness
Post-Secondary Training
Independent Living Skills
Driver Education Training
Counseling / Guidance
Residential Services
Picture of computer classroom
To attend CSRC check with your
local V.R. office.
Vocational Rehabilitation at Work
Do you want to know more?
For more information and a complete
listing of all the vocational
rehabilitation offices in The State of
Georgia visit our website:
This presentation was developed by the
Vocational Rehabilitation Region 1 Office
450 Riverside Parkway, Suite 210
Rome, GA 30161
Phone: 706-295-6407
Mrs. Twyla Crump, Director
The End
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