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A Youth Perspective on HIV/AIDS
I. Why youth?
Youth Are Affected
• over 50% of people infected worldwide
are under 25 years of age
• over 80% of people infected in Eastern
& Southern Europe and Central Asia are
below 30 years of age.
Youth Are Playing a Role
• Dublin (Feb 2004)
– Youth were the focal point of the conference
• Bangkok (July 2004)
– Twofold increase of youth participants over last
Youth Are Diverse
A variety of youth organizations involved
– RC, scouts, students, YMCA, Christian,
PLWHA youth, UN youth groups…
Advantages of Youth Approaches
QuickTime™ and a
TIFF (LZW) decompressor
are needed to see this picture.
Peer Understanding
you know best what your age group
needs and responds to
Peer Education
People are more likely to trust their peers
II. What Can Youth Do?
Provide relevant information
a) on prevention
- peer education
b) battle stigma and discrimination
- youth are future adults
Represent youth interests
a) Play a role in decision making that
effects them
b) ensure access to information, condoms
- this is a right!
Make AIDS an everyday topic
a) the truth about aids...
b) candlelight marches
“Youth are not just a target group that has
needs - they are the best resource
available to address the problem”
“Young people are a key resource to
finding solutions that will work”
Thank you.
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