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Choose colour:
a red car
a red ball
a red rose
an orange orange
an orange cap
an orange ball
a yellow car
a yellow duck
The sun is yellow!
a green apple
a green lizard
a green tree
a blue sky
a blue sea
blue eyes
a white cat
a white dress
a white rose
a pink butterfly
a pink car
a pink doll
purple flowers
a purple telephone
a purple umbrella
a grey bike
a grey elephant
grey rabbits
a brown bear
a brown spider
a black bird
a black cat
a black horse
I like red - it`s the colour of an apple .
Orange - it`s the colour of an orange.
Yellow - it`s a lemon and our wonderful sun, sun, sun...Oh, yes!
Green - it`s the the colour of the trees and lots of things I grow.
And then is blue for the sky,
And purple that`s the colour that`s fun, fun, fun.
And when we work those colours side by side
Now what do you think we`ve done ?
We made a rainbow and it`s a really beautiful one, one, one.
Revision of colours
Let’s play a game!
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