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2000 Final Year Projects
Prof. Michael R. Lyu
Lyu0001: Wireless-Based Mobile
E-commerce on the Web
• Understand Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
for PDAs or mobile phones.
• Design and Develop a WAP-based E-Commerce
application on the Web.
• On-line travel agent or stock brokage system
• E-commerce application for trading, purchasing,
and real-time transactions.
• Include a payment gateway for micropayment.
A Possible Architecture
Introduction to Wireless Devices
•Mostly use Radio Frequency (RF)
•Wireless LAN Configurations
Lyu0002: Wireless Cyber Campus
• Experiment on CSE’s newly established
net-centric and wireless network.
• Evaluate wireless campus and architecture.
• Develop software and system infrastructure.
• Create wireless education contents and
service accessing/enabling techniques.
• Design courseware in wireless environment.
A Wireless Demo Center
Internet-Centric Wireless Campus
Distributed Component API (CORBA, DCOM, RMI)
Internet-Centric Server
Platform-Independent Middleware
Wire/wireless connection
Desktop PCs
Lyu0003: Multilingual Video Library
Develop an automated system which can enable
multimedia information capture, search,
retrieval, summarization and reuse.
• Robust indexing and retrieval of multilingual
audio and video documents.
• On-demand searching and presentation of
multimedia documents.
• Video segmentation and summarization.
Video Processing Procedure
•Building Video Databases
•collect videos (all are news), prepare
corresponding text scripts, short
•convert analog videos to digital
compressed format, e.g. mpeg1
•Breaking the Video into Segments
•break the videos into smaller pieces
•each piece talks about one topic of news
•Indexing the Video Contents
•index the videos manually, e.g. prepare
the title of a news
•Retrieving Video
•user can make request by inputting such
as keyword, and then the system will
returns the required videos
Digital Library Selection Panel
•An interface for user to choose a video
among the query result
•Mouse-Over description
•Similarity Scoring
Digital Library Player Panel
•The interface for video playback
•Synchronized script
•Play control
•Sound control
•Video information
Lyu0004: Mobile Agents for ECommerce Applications
Investigate agent-based systems
Develop an agent-based E-commerce application
Install security mechanisms
Perform experiments to measure the security,
performance and reliability
• Evaluate and compare various security schemes
What is Mobile Agent
• Dispatch, Disconnect, and Dispatch model
Security Issues for Mobile Agents
Scenario 1 - Modification of query products
Scenario 2 - Modification of query quantities
Scenario 3 - Spying out and modification of query results
Scenario 4 - Modification of itinerary of agent
Host 1
M a lic io u s
L a u n c h Se rv e r
Host N
My Previous FYP Students
Kenny Kwok
(1998 FYP)
Starsky Wong
(1999 FYP)
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