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Rule 1- anyone can enter.
Rule 2- draw a weapon that does or doesn’t exist.
Rule 3- have a drawing website you can go to or use PAINT
Rule 4- don’t google any of it, I’ll know
Rule 5- when entering say I ENTER with my name tagged
Rule 6- project starts today at any time you want and ends Tuesday the 17th 11:30 EST.
Rule 7- the minimum I people I can have is 6 people there are 1st 2nd and 3rd place trophies
Rule 8- 1st place winner will get a medal and whatever that desire BUT it has to be on openstudy or
something I have (facebook, pinterest, Openstudy, email, g-mail, youtube)
Rule 9- 2nd place winner will get a medal and it’s my profile pic (#nofavorites)
Rule 10- 3rd place winner will get a medal and a fan
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