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12214 Lartren Avenue
Ladnry, B.C. V3Z 1K7
(H): 604.111.1111
(C): 604.222.2222
(E): [email protected]
A dedicated, accomplished administrative expert with extensive experience multi-tasking and effectively
prioritizing assignments. Developed a reputation as a highly motivated, organized team player who consistently
produces top quality work. Proactive, “take-charge” professional who is highly adaptable and can assess
situations and personalities quickly and react accordingly. Excellent interpersonal skills with superior memory for
details and a strong work ethic. Highlighted skills:
Communication Skills
Proficient MS Office Skills
Time Management
Training and Development
Promotions and Event Planning
Budgeting and Analysis
Building and maintaining relationships
Leading global provider of integrated consulting solutions
Contract: July, 2009 – February, 2011
Office Administrator
Coordinated and ran all aspects of satellite office. Highlights include:
Effectively coordinated calendars for two on-site and four satellite Associate Consultants. Prepared
all documentation for coaching sessions, briefing candidate histories and concerns and preparing for
classroom training seminars.
Acted as sole contact for approximately 45 people in the Delivery Program through the satellite
office, showcasing a high degree of empathy and compassion while maintaining the strictest of
Increased yearly candidate satisfaction scores by .28% by creating a streamlining system for
candidates to assist them in the development, design and formatting of up-to-date self-marketing
tools ensuring that they led the field in their career transition.
Successfully increased candidate attendance for in-office events by creating and managing a
monthly newsletter outlining available sessions and program specifics for all active candidates.
Increased consultant/candidate communication by developing a weekly outreach report to maintain
constant updates of candidate activities and requirements, alleviating consultant outreach time and
decreasing overall costs of billable hours.
Decreased turnaround time for regional monthly office utilization reports by reworking and
restructuring existing report, enabling more concise and efficient reporting time frames. Became sole
contact for monitoring and troubleshooting of the report.
Ensured success of pilot project by assisting in the creation and implementation of market specific
materials and creating a candidate uptake report to track and monitor candidates’ involvement,
ensuring top results for satellite office and driving project implementation in other Canadian offices.
International Electronics Manufacturer
1989 – 2009
Sales Support Coordinator
Administrative support/backup for eight Sales and Service Managers. Highlights included:
Proven track record establishing ongoing working relationships with all tiers of company
management, ensuring a high level of confidentiality and professionalism.
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(H): 604.111.1111
(C): 604.222.2222
(E): [email protected]
Decreased travel expenses for head office managers by successfully planning and coordinating biannual external meetings regionally. Consistently worked within budgets of $25,000, including
coordinating site selection, arranging all levels of hotel accommodations, selecting menus, activities
and providing travel itineraries and documentation to 50 attendees.
Ensured highest degree and quality of service while implementing cost savings by building strong
professional relationships with local and national venues, allowing Panasonic’s corporate culture to
be well represented at each function. Negotiated regional and national corporate rates and
Clearly and concisely documented all expenditures against corporate credit card. Reconciled
budgets and prepared cost analysis for future local events resulting in less involvement/workload for
Head Office personnel.
Consistently ensured dealer/customer satisfaction by providing in-depth territory coverage during
organizational restructuring, including preparing project quotes, tracking orders and inventory
availabilities through SAP system.
Degree in Business Studies, University of Life, UK
High School: Somerset Bay, Yeovil, UK
Internal Training Courses:
 Legendary Service
 Employee Equity
 Conflict Resolution
Communications and Teamwork
Leadership Skills
Code of Conduct
Green Committee @ Work Initiative Team
Volunteer Driver, Canadian Cancer Society, B.C. (2009-Present)
2007/2008 United Way Representative
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