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Worldwide EndoMarch UK 2015
Frequently Asked Questions
When is the event?
The event is taking place on Saturday 28 March, 2015. Registration will open from 12.00pm. The
march will take place from 1pm until 3pm approximately. Further details will be provided once you
have registered.
Who is sponsoring the event?
The Worldwide EndoMarch is sponsored by Dr. Camran Nezhat, Dr. Farr Nezhat, Dr Ceana
Nezhat and Dr. Azadeh Nezhat of the Nezhat Family Foundation. More information can be found
on the Worldwide EndoMarch website:
What are the goals of the march?
The overarching goal is to raise awareness of endometriosis but the Worldwide EndoMarch also
seeks to promote the following:
1. Empowerment
 To unite women and their supporters to take a stand against endometriosis
2. Education
 To raise awareness about endometriosis and its effects on women and girls
 To educate and train members of the medical community, in order to promote early
detection and improved treatment
3. Effecting Change
 To educate the public and medical professionals about endometriosis
 To find a cure for endometriosis, and to develop non-invasive diagnostic tests
 To improve health screenings for endometriosis among girls and young women in
 To educate our government to allocate funding for endometriosis
How do I register to attend?
Please complete the online registration form via the Endometriosis UK website: Register Here
How much is it to register for the event?
The Worldwide EndoMarch UK 2015 is FREE to register and attend. However, Endometriosis UK
will not be undertaking any responsibility with respect to your attendance at the march and
individuals are responsible for their own health and safety, much like you would if you went for a
walk with a group of friends in any town.
Where in the UK will the event be taking place?
We will be walking through the streets of Central London – further details will be available after
registration. The closest Underground stations are Charing Cross or Embankment stations.
Full details of the registration time, start and end times, group photo time and detailed route map
will be provided in a Welcome letter no less than 3 weeks prior to the event.
Where can I find the most up-to-date information about the event?
The best way to stay informed of the most current information is to join the Worldwide EndoMarch
UK Facebook page: or follow us on Twitter
Once Registered please also join our closed Facebook Group Worldwide EndoMarch UK 2015.
How can I find out if anyone from my area is going?
Once you have registered we advise attendees join the closed Facebook group Worldwide
EndoMarch UK 2015. This can then be used to ask others if they are attending from your area and
wish to travel together etc.
Alternatively why not ask the people in your local Endometriosis UK Support groups / Facebook
pages. Support group information can be found here: Find Support Group.
Can men take part?
Yes, everyone is encouraged to take part.
Can children join in?
Yes, children are welcome to attend and it is fine to bring a buggy. However, we advise parents
and guardians take appropriate precautions when bringing children due to weather and crowds in
Central London.
Is this a fundraising event?
No, the Worldwide EndoMarch 2015 is not a fundraising event itself and therefore Endometriosis
UK is not soliciting donations. However, individual participants may want to fundraise on their own
behalf for their personal travel costs to participate in the event. Websites like can help you do this. You could bake and sell cakes, wash cars, do your
friends ironing or even try a sponsored activity.
Will I be able to buy a T-shirt or other merchandise on the day?
No. It is not expected that merchandise will be available to buy on the day. Therefore, if you would
like to wear an Endometriosis UK t-shirt (or any other Endometriosis t-shirt) we do encourage you
to buy one well in advance of the day to ensure timely delivery, and these can be obtained from the
Endometriosis UK website for £10 – Click here to buy an Endometriosis UK T-shirt.
What can I do to raise Endometriosis awareness on the day of the march?
We have the following suggestions for how you can shine as an Endo warrior raising awareness on
the day. Check out this photo from last year’s march for ideas: EndoMarch 2014 photo
 Buy an Endo UK Tshirt to wear on the day – see link above
 Alternatively wear Endo colours (Pink / white / yellow?)
 Wear pink pants (over leggings / trousers of course) !
 Make / bring an Endo coloured headband
 Make a banner
How can I let my MP know about the march?
You can find the MP template letter on the Endometriosis UK website, see link below.
To find out who your MP is take a look at this UK Parliament tool
How can I let my GP or hospital consultant team know about the march?
You can find the GP / Gynae Team template letter on the Endometriosis UK website, see link
below. It can be used for hospital departments too.
How can I let my local health care decision makers know about the march?
Decisions about local health services are made by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for
your area. Your local GP, library or the internet can help you find the contact details for the CCG in
your town or city. You can find the CCG letter template on the Endometriosis UK registration
website, see link below.
Link to MP / GP / CCG Template Letters – Click here for the link to WEM events page.
What else can I do?
You can get in touch with the local media in your area and offer a photo opportunity, radio interview
or written piece for the paper. If you are willing to share some of your story it makes a great human
interest piece and works well to connect local people to an international movement for change.
There will be a sample press release on the above link to the Worldwide EndoMarch webpage
nearer the time of the event.
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