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Authorisation to couple FloraHolland customer numbers
for CC containers
Please note! The coupling also applies in case of any rented lock plates.
The undersigned (grantor) grants permission that:
Company name:
Customer number
Has control over the CC containers of the undersigned.
Coupling means that the control over the balance and the transactions is
transferred to the customer number provided above. From now on, the balance
and the transactions can be accessed only under the customer number provided
Name and customer number or numbers to be coupled:
Company name:
*Customer number:
* multiple customer numbers permitted
What is the relationship between the companies listed above:
(to be completed only if the number to be coupled belongs to ‘another’ company)
□ parent organisation
□ daughter organisation
□ sister organisation
□ producers’ combination
□ growers’ combination
□ other, namely:
□ agent
□ processor
□ logistics service provider
□ transporter
Name in block letters:
You can mail, fax or email this authorisation form to:
c/o Department of Chain Logistics
P.O. Box 220
2670 AE Naaldwijk
The Netherlands
E: [email protected]
T: +31 174 63 24 73
F: +31 174 63 38 54
(it can take several days to process this form)
Version October 2013
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