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The list of simulators, phantoms, models and virtual simulators Center of
practical skills
The list of simulators
Н A premature baby "Premier", with computer software and
clinical scenarios in Englishlanguage
The list of clinical competence
1.Askultatation of heart and lungs of a premature infant in various pathologies
(heart disease, respiratory stridor, wheezing in the lungs)
2. Oral and nasal intubation, use of masks, including the possibility of forced
ventilation Ambu bag.
3. Palpation of peripheral vascular (arterial pulsation of the umbilical, femoral,
and brachial fontanel).
4. The measurement of blood pressure.
5. Perform intravenous infusion through the umbilical injection of drugs,
interosseous infusion in the tibia.
6. The interpretation of arrhythmias in infants, modeling hypoxia
7. The testing of skills first aid premature baby weighing 1400 mg.
8. The basic skills of CPR premature infant.
Superior mannequin newborn for lumbar punctures.
Lumbar puncture in infants and sampling of cerebrospinal fluid.
Improved model for newborn venous and peripheral injection.
1. Central venous catheterization through a vein puncture of the right hand, the
great saphenous vein of the right hand.
2. The practice of puncturing the vein of the right superficial temporal scalp.
Universal dummy for practicing skills in emergencies children (5
1. Diagnostics of heart rhythm disorders of the child.
2.Training of skills of first aid in emergency conditions
3.Basic skills in cardiopulmonary resuscitation
4.Training for defibrillation skills to children 5-8 years old.
Cardiopulmonary simulator Narvey, with computer software in
English language.
1. Auskultation of heart and lungs according to the actual clinical situation.
2. Clinical skills on palpation of peripheral vascular, venous, arterial pulsation.
Training device for cardio pulmonology, with a set.
3.Precordial movement.
4. The expert evaluation in various diseases of cardio-pulmonary pathology.
5.differentsialnaya diagnosis of congenital and acquired defects of the heart,
heart attack, hypertension, various cardiomyopathies, mitral valve prolapse,
The simulator lumbar punctures.
Lumbar puncture and cerebrospinal fluid intake in adults.
Multifunction model maintain patency KELSUN.
1.Skills of intubation through the mouth, through the nose.
2. Maintenanceof airway.
Training device with computer software, on cardio with a set of
1.Auskultation of heart
2. Auscultation of the lungs
3. The assessment of clinical skills mastered by the test..
Training simulator in the form of the torso.
1. Blood pressure change
2. Palpation of the liver, spleen, gall bladder, abdominal audition.
3. Training on palpation of the abdominal cavity - a tutorial.
4. Assessmentof developed clinical skills by the test.
The simulator peritoneal dialysis.
Basic procedures for testing long-term ambulatory peritoneal dialysis and
patient care.
Improved simulator for catheterization.
Skills bladder catheterization in adult women and adult men.
Training mannequin cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated
external defibrillation.
1. Training of skills in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
2. Automatic external defibrillation training.
Multi-functional simulator to practice hands intravenous injection
1. Skills of intravenous injection.
2.Skills of intramuscular injection in the deltoid muscle.
Dummy for testing the central and peripheral venipuncture.
Skills of central and peripheral venipuncture.
The simulator central venous catheterization and intramuscular injections.
1. Skills in central and peripheral venipuncture.
2. Skills in femoral puncture.
Electronic model for tracheal intubation.
1. Skills in intubation through the mouth, through the nose.
2. Correct intubation assessment
Superior computer dummy ECG, ECG machine.Tests to detect
arrhythmias in the monitor.
1. Skills of ECG.
2. Interpretation of rhythm disturbances on the monitor.
3. Object skills assessment of recognition a rhythm disturbances on the test
Advanced electronic model for puncture of the knee.
Skills of the knee joint aspiration and intra-articular injection.
Advanced electronic model for puncture
the elbow joint.
Superior simulator injuries.
1. Skills of first aid for injuries, bleeding, burns, frostbite, transportation "patient"
with the trauma.
2. Skills of primary treatment of wounds and bandaging, immobilization of limbs.
Mannequin Ambu for emergency room with computer software in
Russian version.
1. Basic skills of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
2. Performance of skill (compression, skills, artificial respiration).
Phantom system intubation Ambu.
1. Skills in intubation through the mouth, through the nose.
2. Correct intubation assessment.
Mobile remote mannequin woman for emergency care team in various
states with the ability to use real equipment resuscitation and genital
1. Skills in intubation on a pregnant woman.
2. Auscultation of heart, lungs, heart rate measurement.
3. Skills temporary pacing and cardioversion.
4. Skills in birth control, physiological birth vaginally.
5. Skills in postnatal care.
6. Skills extraction of the fetus using vacuum extraction and forceps delivery.
6. The dynamics of birth control to determine multiple eruption of the fetal head.
7. Application of the suprapubic pressure receiving MacRobert, rear turn, the
adoption of the provisions of "elbows / knees."
8. The opportunity to practice vaginal delivery in breech presentation, the release legs
for receiving Pinard.
9. Possibility in identify of heart rate and respiration of the fetus, to assess the
condition of the fetus and take appropriate action.
10.Caesarian section uterine massage to reduce blood loss and recovery of the
11. Emergency skills of care to a pregnant woman in the prehospital phase in
different clinical scenarios.
12. Skills in cardiopulmonary resuscitation pregnant woman in different clinical
13. Skills in cardiopulmonary resuscitation term of infants.
14. Possibility for intubation, respiration,
15.Heart rate measurement, ECG monitoring newborn.
16. auscultation of the heart and lungs of the newborn
17. The control of the depth and frequency of breathing.
18. The possibility of instantaneous delivery of mothers with newborns from the
scene in intensive care or neonatal intensive care unit.
19. The diagnosis of the newborn, first aid training to the newborn.
20. Skills in teamwork doctors of various specialties.
21. Skills in teamwork nurses.
22. Skills in selection of medicines in case of emergency in pregnant women and
Universal dummy for practicing skills in emergencies. With computer
software and clinical scenarios to Eng. language.
1.Skills in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, intensive care for the maintenance of
cardiac activity,
2.Auskultation of heart and lungs at various pathologies, heart rate, blood pressure,
arrhythmias recognition
3. Skills in mining external defibrillation.
Ultrasound simulator VAYMEDIKS
1. Recognition of structures of the heart, of the chest
2. Training of coordination skills and eye-hand navigation sensor.
3. Realistic diagnosis of abnormalities of the heart.
4. Possibility of combination of images from the ECG calibration contrasts, depth and
scan areas.
Virtual simulator of ultrasound ultras.
1. The pelvic structures recognition
2. Training of coordination skills and eye-hand navigation sensor.
3. Realistic diagnosis of normal and pathological conditions of the uterus and the
4. Possibility to get a picture TGC (time compensation imaging), calibration of
contrasts, depth and scan areas.
Virtual laparoscopy simulator "Lapsoj."
1. Basic skills laparoscopy: execution skills navigation endoscopic video camera,
capturing and lifting objects, clipping and the intersection of delicate structures,
endoscopic suture.
2.Modul cholecystectomy: options mining laparoscopic cholecystectomy with
different variants of anatomy.
3.Modul appendectomy: has four intervention techniques
Computerized simulator for developing practical skills for endourology
1.Training of basic skills in endourology
2. Orientation in the anatomy of the urinary system
3. X-ray
4. The case studies
Mannequin "LapTrener."
development of practical skills in Endosurgery
Electronic textbook on stroke for integrated education in English.
Skills in examination of patients with neurological disorders, communication
skills with patients - an educational program.
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