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Innsbruck Tourismus
Press Release
Touch down in Innsbruck
Summer flight schedule 2015: Innsbruck’s European connections
Anyone travelling to the Tyrol by air is simply amazed at the beautiful mountains, lakes
and villages down below. And as the plane descends into Innsbruck airport, visitors
from all over Europe get the most stunning views of the region’s capital city and its
Holidaymakers from Germany fly in directly from Frankfurt, with Lufthansa servicing
this route several times per day. Within Austria, Austrian Airlines provide the fastest
domestic connection between Innsbruck and the Austrian capital, offering multiple
daily departures from Vienna. There are also several direct links with other major
European airports: From London Gatwick, easyJet operates several flights per week
that put Innsbruck’s urban sights and alpine charms at the fingertip of visitors from the
UK. In addition to this, two charter flight companies offer flights from Manchester to
Innsbruck on a weekly basis. Departing from Amsterdam - as well as Eindhoven Transavia offers two flights per week to Innsbruck airport, and the NIKI summer flight
schedule features five weekly connections to and from Mallorca. Visitors from Italy
enjoy convenient weekly charter connections out of Brindisi, Calabria and Sardinia.
All in all plenty of options to touch down in the heart of the Alps – so let your holiday
Airline schedules and online flight bookings:
Innsbruck Airport,
Austrian Airlines Group, Lufthansa,
easyJet, Transavia, Niki,
Denim Air, FlyBe:
Innsbruck Tourismus
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