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President Millworth
From: Mr. Antley
Initial State of the Union Address
To kick-off the “Game of Politics” Government Simulation, the President of the United States will give a
speech and conduct a press conference. This will take place on the day we begin the simulation. The purpose of
the speech is to outline the President’s legislative priorities.
A suggested method to prepare for the speech is as follows:
Review bills 101-160 in the Participant Manual. These are the bills that will be considered during
the first week-long session of the simulation. The remaining bills will be considered in later weeks.
Look at the “Executive” portion of the Democratic Leadership Position Summary. This
summarizes the position you have taken on each of the first 60 bills (101-160)—favored, opposed or neutral.
Select 4-5 of these bills that you wish to make priorities for passage. These will be the focal part of your speech.
Here is an example of how you might introduce one of your legislative priorities:
“Democrats have always stood up for the working class. Too many hard-working Americans
today do not earn a living wage. Therefore, I strongly urge Congress to pass Bill 123, which provides for automatic
increases in the minimum wage as the Consumer Price Index rises. Putting more dollars in the hands of millions of
Americans will increase consumption and promote economic growth, benefiting all Americans.” (NOTE: In the
simulation, Millworth is a Democrat. I do not want the simulation biography or party label to “define” your
positions on issues; rather, I want you and your own political ideology and beliefs to do this. If you oppose the
minimum wage, say so and give reasons why. Do this for all bills you address in your speech.)
Feel free to suggest any modifications to the bills you support that might improve them.
Finally, pick 4-5 bills that you strongly dislike and mention in your speech that you intend to veto
any such measure that comes to your desk. Explain the basis for your opposition. You might suggest changes that
would allow you to support those bills.
Use your advisors (Vice-President, Domestic, and Foreign/Military advisors) to help write the
speech. You may want to assign them to write a “blurb” on 2-3 bills that fall within their area of responsibility.
At the end of the speech, there will be a question and answer session. Stand up for your bills and
do your best to explain why you support them. You don’t have to have all the answers, but do your best not to
back down from attacks.
Most of all … have fun!!
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