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Reprint Corrections for
Student Workbook to Accompany McWay/Today’s Health Information Management, 2nd Edition
ISBN 978-1-133-59249-5
Note to students and instructors:
There is a feature throughout the student workbook called ‘The StudyWare Challenge’ that was
supposed to be changed to ‘CourseMate Challenge.’ Unfortunately, this did not translate into
the final copy that went to the printer.
We have submitted reprint corrections for the future, but for now, all StudyWare Challenge
items should instead read as follows (where ‘X’ stands in for chapter number):
The CourseMate Challenge
Using the CourseMate interactive software, complete the following activities:
1. Study the flash cards for Chapter X to review the key terms in this chapter.
2. Solve the crossword puzzle for Chapter X.
3. Complete the quiz for Chapter X. Record your score in the space below.
CourseMate Quiz Chapter X
Date Taken: __________________________
Score: _______________________________
CourseMate is a supplement available for separate purchase that contains flash cards,
crossword puzzles, and chapter quizzes to enhance the learning experience. For more
information or to view a demo, go to
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