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FAQ’s for Laser Registration tab
1. Why do I need to register my laser?
 DOD Instruction 3100.11 requires all DOD-related lasers to work with U.S. Strategic
Command and its Laser Clearinghouse to ensure the safety of satellites during laser firings.
Registration of your laser is the first step in the process.
2. Do I need to register my laser if I am firing at the ground or into a backstop?
 No, DOD policy only requires registration for laser firing above the horizon, into space or
through space. Certain lasers are exempted, including hand-held lasers, surface to surface,
air to surface, or glint. If there is any doubt, call LCH and they’ll be able to help determine if
you require registration.
3. What is the first step to get registered?
 Fill out the Laser Registration Form in this section and submit it to LCH at
[email protected] Contact LCH if you are unable to submit an unclassified or FOUO
form. We protect the information on the registration form and will not share the
information with any other laser program we interface with, without first getting your
4. Can I submit the registration data on-line?
 Not at this time. The document in Microsoft Word format must be submitted. An electronic
submission form is currently being developed.
5. If I already know my laser is eye-safe, do I still need to register with the LCH?
 Yes. Eye-safe does not equate to satellite-safe. An assessment of possible hazards to
satellites must be performed.
6. How often do I need to register my laser?
 LCH requires laser programs to renew their registrations annually for both waived and nonwaived lasers. There is no such thing as waiver extension.
7. How does normalization help my laser program?
 Normalization is the process of correlating your laser characteristics with the parameters
and settings use d in the LCH software. This will give the most accurate results during the
satellite safety process. Here’s how it works: the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Satellite
Assessment Center will discuss your registration parameters with you and provide
parameter updates to the LCH. These updates are administrative only and do not require
actual changes to your laser parameters. Please understand that your laser information is
protected; it is not provided to outside organizations.
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